Old Videos--- CLASSICS

So I am trying to get all my video's in one place, because early on in this venture I tried a few different services to videos, so here is my attempt to get them all on my Youtube.com account.I have a few that I am afraid I might have to re-shoot. And the really sad thing about it is these are classics! Check out little man running around chasing the kitten in just his diaper! Love it. See--- we are as real as real around here.

This first video in for the messy bun we use a lot around here. This one was submitted by a reader names Suzanne--- FOREVER ago. Its easy and wonderful, so have a look.

This is a video we put together for a reader about making a ponytail nice and smooth. Hopefully it helps. I can't believe how long Beans hair was back then. And my awesome son helping me video tape the whole thing--- Too great!!! 
Hope these help out a bit and that you enjoy watching. Thanks for checking us out.

Using Beads in Hair

This is one of those brilliant ideas my mind has come up with--- Just kidding. Its a great idea. I've actually been trying to think of a way to make the ribbon braid work better, and I came up with this idea. Its so simple I'm almost certain that someone else already uses this idea, but its worth sharing. Hope you enjoy. Hope you will leave me comment love about this one. Hope you all have a great week.

Now I just need to know if anyone wants a tutorial on putting in feather extensions? We've done that before and Miss Beans is asking for feathers again, so is there anyone that needs, or would like a tutorial on putting feathers in hair?

Here's a few more links for you to look over using this particular ribbon braid--->
Ribbon Braid with Bow
The Original Braided Ribbon Tutorial--- Loose Braids
Pigtail Test Braids

Ideas For Short Hair #11 Waterfall Pigtails

Really pretty one for you today! We've done this before, but pulled the hairs into a ponytail, but for short hair ponytails aren't an option, so you divide up the cascading hair and pull them into pigtails. This is a pretty cute idea and option when you are working with short hair. If you have hair that is not as fine as Beans you could even just leave it in the headband and forgo pigtails all together. But because we are working with fine super straight hair it will just slip out if we left it on its own.
For a refresher on how to do the waterfall braid go and check out this tutorial. And check out this hair do using the waterfall braid also while you are looking around. One more thing you may want to check out is a cute dress to wear with this hairstyle. Jen at All Things Ribbon is having a giveaway for a cute little number, so go get in her giveaway. Make sure and like her Facebook page and tell her Beans and Jenn sent you.

Harry Potter Birthday Party **UPDATE**

Sorry this is not a hair related post today, but I hope it helps out!

I have been asked several times about my bingo boards that I made for Beans party. I finally figured out how to share the boards and the cards to draw out the names. To download the boards click on the photo below. this will give you all 15 boards I made up for the party. All 15 are different. Of course that is the point of Bingo--- they can't all be the same. So here you can get 15 different boards. Print them up as 5x7 photo's. 
The drawing pieces are on that same download. If I would have known I was going to eventually share these I would have wrote the names of the characters we used on each photo. Since we originally just planned on using these for our own little family party I didn't include the names. If you are a HUGE Potter fan like we are you won't need this list of names, but check out below to see who each of these characters are.
Top row from left to right: George Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Moaning Myrtle, Cedric Diggory (or is that Edward? J/K), Minerva McGonagall, Cho Chang

Second Row: Bill Weasley, Sybill Trelawney, Sirius Black, Ron Weasley, Fleur Delacour, Filch, Madeye Moody, Dolores Umbridge.

Third Row: Professor Dumbledore, Ginny Weasley, Hagrid, Voldemort, Slughorn, Gilderoy Lockhart, Headwig, Buckbeak.

Fourth Row: Severus Snape, Dobby the house elf, Professor Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, Molly Weasley and Arther Weasley

Fifth and last row: Bellatrix Lestrange, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Kreacher and Lavender Brown

If you need to you can print this up as a master copy to know who is who, but if your kids are like mine they already know all the names and don't need the extra help. Make sure and leave a comment and let me know if you downloaded these. I am just curious. And let me know if you have any problems downloading these files. I have never done one of these share sites, so I hope I set it all up correct.

Flash Back Friday

This one is a great one. I'd love to see this one done with all the upcoming holiday colors. So fun. And this is the simplified version of  "Got Time" Hope you have a great weekend and check out this original tutorial by clicking on this link.

The ALFAPARF Stylist

This week in my advanced hair class we are doing updo's. I was going through some of my older stuff and trying to think up something new to try. I remembered being at the Peerless show last Spring and taking pictures of this GREAT hair do that the Alfaparf gentleman did. He was seriously so talented and fun to watch. I spent so much of my time watching him cut and style hair. He was one of my favorites. I am a little disappointing that I didn't share this hair do before, because it is beautiful. I would love to recreate this hair do, but the hair I currently am working with isn't long enough, so I guess I will just have to share the original. And if you want a tutorial you will have to go talk to one of the bloggers that has long hair to work with. If you recreate this make sure and share it on our Facebook page. I still haven't decided on how I want to do my updo--- Any suggestions?

Flash Back Friday

I'm still working on getting past this bug I have, the ONLY bad thing about this time of year is people tend to get sick. I love the weather changing and bringing out all my soup recipes. Lets not forget the attitude of everyone changes this time of year to gratitude and giving. Its a great time of year. Today's flash back is back to the pretty braid and bow hair style. Check out the tutorial here at this link. Hope you are enjoying the changing seasons as much as I am.

Ideas For Short Hair #10

This was one of the first ten or twenty I did a tutorial on when I very first started this blog. I did the tutorial on my nieces hair, but I did this again on my Beans hair the other day because it is absolutely perfect for short hair! Seriously this one can work in darn near all hair lengths, but not so well in all hair types. You are not going to find the knots stay in very well if you have super fine hair. Try using a bobby pin for finer hair. For the tutorial on this one I decided just to link you back to the original tutorial found at this link. Hope you are having a terrific week! I know we are.

Ideas for short hair #9

We hit an awesome milestone this week. We can make pigtails!!! And the best part, Beans loves them and doesn't want to go short again. So I am thrilled that we may be growing out her hair. She may change her mind when I take her in to get a trim in the next few weeks. Her call---- of course. So yesterday we did pigtails with knots and I didn't take a photo, but I will next time we do that hair do. We did this waterfall braid today on one side and pulled them back into pigtails. I love how this adds just a little flair to this hair do. So if you don't know how to do the waterfall braid already make sure and check out my tutorial found at this link. Hope this gives you another good idea to work into your short hair rotation.

PS--- I don't use an elastic in the braid part because I like it to transition smooth, so I used bobby-pins. Give it a try I bet you like how it finishes up better.

Flash Back Friday

My Super cute niece came into my school last night for a BIG HAIRCUT! Not by her choice of course. She had her cousin (Not my daughter, but another cousin) decide to chop into her hair. By the end of her unplanned haircut she had kind of a reverse mullet going on. Pretty tragic. So last night we had to chop off about eight inches of long beautiful hair to even it all out and layer it in the back to blend the work done with plastic scissors at home.

My pour sister-in-law was DEVASTATED about the whole ordeal. Understandably so, but I told her it was kind of a right-of-passage. Darn near every little girl goes through it. Beans chopped around the front of her hair and it wasn't so easy to hide. So with today's flash back I'd like to ask you to share your story of when your kids cut there own hair. Just to make the pain on my sister-in-law a little easier.

And for today's flashback you can go see when I made my beautiful niece a headband. So go check out the tutorial for an easy no-sew headband. And don't forget to share your own stories of when your little ones had unplanned haircuts in the comment section below or on facebook.

Criss-Cross (Ideas for Short Hair #8)

This is another one for short hair. HOWEVER--- for this one you'd have to have a bob style haircut with long (to no) layers near the face in order to have them able to pull back like this. If you have short hair around the face I don't think this will pull off as the same look, but worth trying. This of course would work just fine with long hair.

Step one would be to pull the hair back tight using bobby-pins. Pull back just the top sections from just above the temple area.

Step two is to start taking hair from one side and crossing it over to the other side securing with a bobby pin. Try and make sure it anchors on to one of the original bobby pints you put in when you did step one. This will help it to not fall out later.

On some of the cross over sections I twisted the hair and on others I just pulled them straight over and slicked them over. You could do them all twisted, all smooth, combination (like I did) you have a lot of options.

We put some Kenra Curl Glaze Mousse to the hair that that we left down and activated the texture. Its not overly curly, but its just a fun little bounce. I could have diffused it and got a little more out of it, but we were running a little late today.

This is a fast easy hair do that looks great. Hope you enjoy.



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