Halloween Post

The kids are having Halloween parties at school today, so they all got dressed up and festive. This year the kids took it easy on me. NOTHING LIKE LAST YEAR... or like 2 YEARS AGO. But this was very fun. My husband and I will be dressing up with them on the actual big day, maybe I will share some pictures, but for now I thought you might like seeing my little Harry Potter family. ***FOR HAIR*** To achieve Beans awesome BIG Delores Umbridge hair we did basically a Thermal style, kind of like older ladies do. We curled individual curls and clipped them up until I was ready to give it all the volume we needed. We used lots of Big Sexy What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle, and Soy Touchable from the Healthy Sexy Hair line. A little back combing with my Amped up teasing brush. Gave it that little curl in the front and had it done. We have been asked all morning if it is a wig--- THAT'S BIG HAIR ON A LITTLE LADY! Little Man J we used a Demi-permanent color on him it was a 6R (Clairol from Sally's) for those in the know. It was the right color with no violet. Everything else had that violet in it and I didn't see it pulling right, so we went with this one. I love it. He makes a great Ron Weasley.
And my oldest is a Dementor. We didn't need to do anything with his hair. I really REALLY wanted him to dress up as Mad-eye-moody, but we went with what he wanted, and it turned out great!

Girly Dos hopes you all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! Make sure and share your costumes with us on our Facebook page. We love seeing everyone all dressed up for the holiday.

Flash Back Friday

For today's Flash Back Friday I wanted to post this hair do flower bun. I love this hair do! I've done it at school on a client (or two). And it always leaves everyone very impressed. Its so easy to do too, so go check out the step by step tutorial found here. Have a great weekend!

Flash Back Friday

Lots of people have been doing things with socks lately. I've seen SEVERAL posts on Pintrest to making curls with socks and no heat, it really does work. This week my BFF did a post about it as well. You can check out her tutorial here. Hers is my favorite because it goes over successes and failures with making it work. I think you can learn a lot from her tutorial. But since I've been seeing it so much I thought we'd flash back to my sock tutorial. My tutorial wasn't to achieve a curl, but using the sock for extra perfection in this bun hair do. So check it out and enjoy it. Socks make great hair tools... apparently. Who knew!!

Ideas For Short Hair---#7

Prettying up ponytails! When hair is too short to pull back into a ponytail you often will make three or five ponytails to make a hair do work. Try to always work with odd numbers, it just looks better. But this simple tutorial is just a way to pretty up those ponytails.
Start with your ponytails. We did three for this tutorial.
Take out a little piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover up the elastic. Now with your topsy tail (you can get these at Kmart, Walmart, Target... really any big box store usually has these.) and you put it through the ponytail. Even through the elastic for added support. Out the tail end of that hair you wrapped inside and yank it through. It will secure nice and tight and you will be left with prettied up ponytails.
Taking a simple hairstyle into a finished looking style. This one is one of our favorites. Its got a great look to it don't you think?

I just finished up Midterms at school--- I can't believe I am half way done with this semester. But like every other test I immediately got sick right after finishing. I guess that is just how I work! Well I am off to rest and try getting better. Have a great rest of this week. How is everyone coming on Halloween costumes? We are half way done. I can't wait to share what we are working on.

I Got my Hands Back in Some LONG Hair

Oh how I have missed long hair!!! Hoping Beans is ready to let hers grow out and hoping (also) that you have enjoyed our short hair do ideas for a while. Sorry I don't have a step by step on this hair do!!! I actually saw something similar on PINTREST, but I didn't pin it or bookmark it, so I can't link you to the actual "How to" I came across on that. I finished mine different then they did, and could have explained myself with there explanation, but I can't. Sorry!

This is basically two fishbone braids down both sides of the head. You then with a rat tail comb loosen some of the hair in the end before wrapping it nicely into this sophisticated bun. The ONLY thing I would have done different next time is to do a zig-zag part in the hair. I think that would have hid the part line and made it that much prettier.
It felt so good to get my hands in long hair again!!! And I just had to share this very pretty style with you all. Thanks to my friend K at school who let me style her hair (and for a rainy day giving us a lot of time). Who here LOVES LOVES LOVES Pintrest? I am a total fan. And thank you everyone who has pinned and shared our site. I actually found out about Pintrest when people kept saying they found me through it.... had no idea there was one place for so many brilliant ideas! LOVE IT! If you have the original pin or link to a style like this feel free to link it in the comment section--- I am never scared to give credit where I get ideas from. Thanks for the help. ♥ UPDATE ♥ ♥ Babes in Hairland found me the link for the original tutorial---- Click here to be redirected.

Ideas for short Hair--- #6

For idea number six it may be a little bit of an investment to accomplish, but this is one of my favorite tools! The three barrel curling iron. This is one of my favorite tools in my collection. You can create the most perfect beach-looking waves with it.

In short hair (or long hair) this is a great look. accompany it with a cute headband and you have a great short hair style. This head band is from All Things Ribbon, its her "Go To" headband when I tell her to go pick her favorite headband for the day. So idea number six is creating beach waves in that short-bob--- SUPER CUTE!!! We've also created waves with a flat iron if you want to see that tutorial click on this link. And braids are always another good way to create waves.



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