Flash Back Friday

I love this ribbon braid. I have used it on a number of different hairstyles. This is the first tutorial I did with this type of braid. If you've been following for a while you have seen me use this in headbands (Check out this headband with a flower using this braid and and look at this one where we use a bow bun and this type of braid just to give you a few ideas.) If you need to get in the basics of using this braid make sure and click on this link to see the video tutorial and a step by step with pictures.

Flash Back Friday

Looking at this picture makes me want to talk Beans into growing her hair out again. WOW it was long. Today's flash back is taking us to one of the many uses of the waterfall braid. I absolutely L♥VE how this looks like a headband in the hair. Super adorable. To see this tutorial you can click on this link or click on the photo above to be taken right to when this post originally posted. Have a great weekend. FOR A REFRESHER ON THE WATERFALL BRAID CLICK ON THIS LINK. Hope that helps.

Knots Video

I know I am slow, but I am determined to get some major posts up this week. I have three or four hairstyles already photographed and this one video as well, so I am going to start this week off right with posting this video for doing knots in hair. This really is the most simple thing to do to hair and it adds a super cute twist to a regular ponytail. I know most of my readers already know how to do these knots, but this video is for the several that have asked how to do these. I hope it helps!

Ideas For Short Hair --- #5

I hope I took a good enough picture on this one... This one is a VERY REQUESTED one with Beans new short hair. I actually had this one done in my own hair and Beans asked if we could do it in hers, so we tried and we were successful.

All you need to do for this one is do some braids at the top of the head near the part. I did two one each side. Pull the hair tight underneath the braids. Lay the braids on top and secure with bobby-pins behind the ears. Securing both the hair pulled tight underneath and the braids into position. Its kind of her own headband with out using a head band.
Another thing I love about this one is that it works as a head band with out her actually wearing a headband. That is always pretty fun. Here is a front view:
Like I said before, I sported this look before we even tried it in her hair, so this one is great for all ages and (really) all hair lengths. Hope you like it too. Do you share any of the same hairstyles you do on your kids in your own hair?

Flash Back Friday

Its been one heck of a week! The question was raised on my Facebook Page about braiding for those who can't french braid. So I thought I would re-post this old one of a cheating way to braid. You could make this work down the back I think. Either way its a great one. Get to this tutorial by clicking on this link. Have a great weekend.

Ideas For Short Hair --- #4

This is just a set of two knots going back in rows of three. I know its like a total tease that I keep doing knots when some of you don't know how to do the knots. I am getting to a video--- LIFE is just in the way right now.

Its been run run run around here and break break break causing the running. Well I think things should get better soon. You know how they say things break in three's--- well... we had the drier break last week, I had my clippers break at school and HAD to get new ones and yesterday morning my car battery was having problems. I took it in and my battery had a bad cell, so I had to replace that too. So now I just have a drier to fix, but I have been fixing it for the last few weeks, breakers... thermostats... yeah, I am thinking I deserve a new washer. But in the mean time I have to go use my mom's drier once a week for laundry! I love my mom!

Anyways that was my "derail" of the day! Back to this hair do--- Pretty simple and cute isn't it! And really easy to do. Hope you are all have a good week. Wish me luck on my laundry day at my mom's!

Flash Back Friday

Happy Flash Back Friday!!! I was going to get a video shot on the knot hair do I did the other day, but didn't. I am sorry. We'll get it done this weekend. But I do have a great flashback for you today. This one is one I MISS with having only short hair to work with. This is such a pretty bun that is simple, but so much more than just a bun. I hope if you haven't tried this one yet that you will give it a chance. The step by step tutorial can be found at this link or by clicking on the photo above. Hope you have a great three day weekend!



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