Ideas For Short Hair--- #3

We had a wedding this last weekend and Beans wanted an updo---- DANG NEAR IMPOSSIBLE with short hair. Best bet is to do something half up and half down. There are still plenty of options with short hair, you just have to think outside the box. And a lot of hair do's I've posted for long hair CAN be modified for short hair.
The hair do we went with was my old Heads Up Do. I modified it by leaving off the part for the head band. I just skipped right to the three ponytails and secured them to do a pretty little crown of curls on top of her head. I spiraled the back loosely just for extra body and bounce. It looked great all night long.
And she took one look in the mirror and was totally okay with it not all being in an updo--- she said, "OoooOOoo, I'm pretty!" LOL--- Its always nice to know a hair do is a winner in her book.

Just curious---- Do you all want to know about my favorite products or is that lame?

Flash Back Friday

Good Friday morning to you all. For today's flash back I thought I would link you back to this one. I've done this on several women lately--- ITS BEAUTIFUL. And they wanted to see how I did it, so hopefully they are watching and can see this link to this tutorial. Just click the picture to be taken to the tutorial, or you can click on this link. Have a great weekend. Catch you on Monday!

Ideas For Short Hair--- #2

Here's my second idea that can be done on any short hair. (Well--- maybe not a pixie cut, but if someone has a pixie cut and wants to try it I'd love too see what you come up with.) This really is easy. It is just four (three or five for less or more hair) simple knots in the hair. Its not much, but its dang cute and it is different than just wearing it down.
It kind of reminds me of waterfall braids how it lays on the head, but these ones aren't going anywhere- no slipping or falling out for this hair do! We love it and its fast and very easy--- got to love that factor!
If you do this hair do and would like to share we always love seeing what you are up to on our facebook page. Thanks for sharing. **UPDATE** Check out this video for more help on this hairstyle.

Ideas For Short Hair--- #1

How many of my followers are working with SHORT hair? Or how many of you have a little girl that wants to go short, but you beg them to stay long so you can still do things with her hair? Well we've recently hit that stage of wanting it to be short. And Beans trip to the school this last time with me made her want to go the shortest yet.

Her cut is a very VERY slight A-line bob with layers in the back giving it great shape--- ITS BEAUTIFUL. We pulled all the layers back to a stationary guide so there are layers in the front, but not much! Its not a get up and go hair style. I could let her walk out the door and it would look fine, but this hair style requires work with the flat iron daily to look like this. We love it!

My goal while her hair is short is to take advantage of it and do some fun hair do's that are easy and can be done in short hair so you have more options. I'm aware these have been done and I am not going to do a tutorial on most of these. But I just wanted to give you a few idea's for short hair do styles.
Today we did four really short braids in the front bang area. Not a lot of area is covered, but this gives it a clear style rather than just down. (Sorry the second photo is just a smidgen out of focus.) This is a great one if you are growing out bangs, or just to mix things up a bit in the daily routine. So give this one a try if you are needing to do something with your short bob.
Just curious---- I let Beans decide what hair she wants despite it would be easier to show all my brilliant idea's if she would keep her hair long. DO YOU LET YOUR DAUGHTER decide her own hair style?

Bean's and Her Harry Potter Birthday Party

I hope you don't mind this off the hair subject of Bean's and her Birthday Party. We had fun putting this together and I had a very VERY small budget because of my husband being out of work for so long. He's finally back working again. Its been two weeks of solid reliable work--- and its time to catch up on bills. So keeping the birthday party affordable was important. So I had to use some real creativity on this one. I think between cake and ice cream to all the activities we did and drinks for our guests we didn't spend more than $50 on the whole shebang! I think that is pretty dang good. So this is how we pulled it off...
I may have splurged a little on the invitation. We had fun with this one. I got the idea from this site. I didn't think that one up on my own, but I saw it and had to do it. I had a bunch of white balloons so I took them into a place and they filled them up for me for forty-five cents each one. I made the invitations personalized and just printed them up as a photo. Cheap-cheap. I then glues them onto black card stock I already had. I think each invitation works out to be about seventy-five cents. And YES I did draw the owl on each of the balloons.
We had an old sheet hanging around that I use for photo shoots, or that I used to use, but haven't forever. So when one of my nephews asked if we were going to have a brick entrance to our HP party I decided that would do that one. We didn't have very many decorations, but this was a fun way to come to the party and it didn't cost us any more than die for the sheet. I think it was around two bucks.
Once inside everyone was able to make a wand. For my son's party we did sticks that they decorated and got wild with pipe-cleaners. For Beans HP party we did this with the smallest sticks and let them put beads on them. The sticks were so cheap I think I bought five sticks and got three wands out of each stick making fifteen total wands. I think that gauge stick is like forty cents, so this was super cheap too. And I had the beads in my craft stuff. Again a cheap activity. Even if I would have needed to buy the beads this kind is so cheap.And the kids super loved them. Some of them were glow in the dark beads and they were using those on the tips of there wands. It made for a pretty fun effect. The ONLY downfall of the wands was with one of our guests it was a great beating stick. I had to keep my eye on her the whole time and remind her not to hit the other kids.While others finished there wands we played HP bingo. Before the party I made fifteen different Bingo boards using photo shop. I love Photoshop!!! And I made cards to draw for all the different characters. My kids are sick and seriously know all the names of all the characters. Its so funny. Even the three year old can almost tell you everyone. To print these all up as 5x7's and the cards for the game was under ten dollars. I splurged a little on this one, but it turned out so awesome. We played like four games and no one wanted to stop--- they all wanted to win a prize, but it was time to move on. **UPDATE** I have made these available for download since it has been requested so much. So please follow this link to download.Once all the wands were finished we had a spell casting class. The spell that we cast was a freckle spell. I punched holes out of paper before the party and we had everyone pair up to teams. We filled a bowl with water and put the "freckles" in the water and let everyone put freckles on there partner. The kids had so much fun putting freckle spells on there partner. I think there was only two that didn't want to play this game. And I think they regretted it when everyone else was freckled. I have a cute photo of all of them all freckled. It was a lot of fun. I'd like to say I thought this one up on my own, but I have had it filed in my brain to use and I think I got the freckle game from a magazine... but I don't know for sure who to give the credit to for this idea.

The only downfall of this game was that the pink ones (bright pink ones) color bleed onto the faces and left spots for reals on the kids. So I think if I was to do it again I would check for bleeding paper first. Every other color was fine and didn't bleed at all. I didn't spend a dime on this game. I had plenty of paper lying around.

Our last activity before we moved on to presents, cake and ice cream was care of magical creatures. Before the party I made my own magical creatures to send the kids home with. Between my mom and I we had plenty of felt fabric for these. I just needed stuffing. Stuffing was on sale and I got a BIG bag for five bucks. I bought a few felt pieces for specific colors I wanted and spent two or three dollars on felt. But felt is cheap! So the biggest expense was on the time to put these together. But that was so fun! We made each face unique and fun. My oldest son and I sat and made up some of the funniest faces. IT WAS SO FUN!!!! How can you call it work if you have fun doing it? Then when I stuffed them I went to my mom's house and she and my grandma (visiting form Idaho) helped me stuff all sixteen. I made extra's to make sure everyone got one and I had two extra that my kids have claimed since. It was a fun process.

I asked YOU ALL about how to handle this game and I have to say THANK YOU--- you guys got my wheels turning and I was able to work out a scavenger hunt. I had kind of the idea of how I was going to do it, but I didn't get it worked out until the day of the party. I will share with you my rhymes and scavenger hunt, but understand I wrote this the morning of the party.The first clue I handed read to them after explaining that we were now going to work ALL TOGETHER for this care of magical creatures challenge. So the first clue I read was:

In this task of caring for a Nargle creature
You'll need to follow clues from your teacher.
If you follow them to the last clue
You'll be able to take a Nargle home with you.
Along the way you will learn how
to care for a Nargel right now.
So for clue number two you need to find...
a "RED" party balloon if you don't mind.

And I had a shoe tied as the weight holding one of the red balloons in my foliage. So when the lifted it there was a clue inside the shoe that read:

Congratulations you found clue number two
The tip here is nargles will steal a shoe.
If lonely or mad you'll find one missing.
You'll find clue #3 under a place for kissing.

And of course clue number three was in some mistletoe. Which became a fun little joke in itself with the kids holding it over everyone elses head. Kids are so funny. So clue three read:

How smart you are to find clue three so fast.
A Nargel will tease boys and girls at last
by making mistletoe grow for those you crush.
You next clue is where you get a fast "sliding" rush.

Of course it was on the underbelly of the slide. It read:

Yes it true a Nargle will like to slide,
Play tag, checkers or seek me and hide.
To find clue five you'll have to ask grandpa for which,
kind is his favorite kind of a sandwich.

Of course my dad LOVES a tomato sandwich, but I coached him before hand to make sure he'd tell the kids that his favorite sandwich was a tomato sandwich leading the kids to the garden in the tomato plants. This clue read:

I thought you'd be tricked by clue number five,
but again you were as smart and alive,
As a Nargle who eats treats to stay strong.
For clue #6 find a pink string that is long.

And I had taped clue six to the top on Beans window with a string that reached where the party was happening. It just needed a little tug and they had clue number six which read:

Near the end we are at last getting.
The last clue is where someone is sitting.

This was under one of the chairs the adults were sitting on. And it read:

You should have learned by now how to care,
For a Nargle needs to be played with,fed and taught to share.
So once you find a box out of place
It will be time to find a smile on your face.
For clue #8, the last of its kind,
A misplaced BOX is what you need to find.

And I don't know how creative it was, but I had a present wrapped in Christmas paper on the table with her other gifts. That is pretty out of place don't you think? My son got it. He was the one who found the box. And it had one last clue on it that read:

Great job you found it at last.
Take a seat and the Nargles will be passed.
The BIRTHDAY GIRL will make sure everyone gets.
A perfect NARGLE friend that perfectly fits.

And Beans handed out all the Nargles. She and her brothers had already chose out there favorites, and luckily through the excitement they still got there Nargles. Here is Baby J (my youngest) and his cousin enjoying there Nargles.
This is a picture of all the Nargles except for the extra two I made last minute for fear of being short Nargles if anyone extra showed up. We ended up with two extra, but I was still happy I made extra's. I had to choose a magical creature that they don't show on the movie so I could make them any way I want. I know that some websites if you read into Nargles say they think they are a small bug, but I wasn't going for authentic, I was just going for fun. And it ended up really fun for everyone. We then opened presents. Beans got spoiled. She is very lucky to be loved so much. She was wearing her new outfit that she got from the girls at Babes in Hairland. So she has been having a great birthday week thanks to great people in our lives. THANK YOU ALL!!!

We then had cake and ice cream. We didn't get to craft with the cupcakes. I just went to Smiths and they let me buy some Harry Potter rings form them. And we just put a ring on every ones cup cake. Cupcakes because they are so much easier to serve and faster too.
For ice cream I got real simple. Earlier in the week I had made the best cookies in the world using Bobbi's recipe that you can find here and I made them into ice cream sandwiches. BEYOND great thinking. I hate trying to keep the party going and under control and serving everything too. My sister always helps, but I was eager to make it as easy as possible! So that is what we did. So yummy--- I want another one.So that is the round up of the party and how we did things. It worked out great and the kids and I had fun putting things together. We did it completely different than we did for my oldest son. At his party we did a spell class that was fun and we played Quidditch in the yard. It really is fun how many different ways you can present the same party. I hope if anyone is throwing a Harry Potter party that this can help out. And if you look closely you can check out that new haircut of Beans' ISN'T IT BEYOND CUTE!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful little Beans!!!

Pause Button--- ((PUSHED))

Sorry about the lack of posting. I have to be honest when I got out of school for my break a week ago I thought about HOW MUCH I could accomplish and get done and it hasn't worked out like I had planned. So for at least this week I have been planning a Harry Potter Birthday party for our little Beans herself. And... I haven't wanted to put only half of my heart into it, so I have neglected my blog for a while. Because I (seriously) only got going on this party last week I've had to put a lot into it. With a VERY small budget and a lot of BIG idea's I've been working very hard. I am VERY thrilled to say that because of some creative thinking we have only spent about $40 on cake, ice cream, decorations, three (beyond awesome) games, party parting gifts and great invitations. Above is the invitations we sent out--- of course by Owl Post.

So sadly we are just going to feature a Flash Back Friday post this week. I feel so guilty because I haven't even showed off Beans new haircut yet. And I just have to say it is dang cute. We've been stopped by people who want to get a photo of her haircut to show when they get there own daughters hair cut. So that is pretty flattering considering I was the one to chop it so short and stacked. I promise you that I will get done with this party and get something new and fabulous posted next week. But for now------>You can click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial or this link. I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks before kids head back to school. I know I am enjoying EVERY day at home with my kids. This is a great last two week break for all of us to be together. I love my kids! Happy Summer Break!!!

My Good Red

This last week was finals for me, so I turned of the Girly Do's world and got busy on passing all my classes with flying colors! Which I think now that I have taken all my tests and done all my practicals... I did it! Another semester down another two full semesters to go. I am FINALLY on the count down end of my 2000 hours!!! YEAH!!!!

So instead of a flash back Friday I wanted to show my red that I did to my hair about two weeks ago. Its since faded and needs to be touched up, but when it is vibrant and fresh like in this picture it is BeaUtiFUl!!! I love it!

Also... CHOPPED Beans hair again--- even shorter than last time. Its stacked in the back and cute cute cute! She wanted it short for school. Can't wait to show you. I will post a new post the first of next week. Have a great weekend!



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