I have a trend question for you...
I do. I have yet to try it at school and I have yet to trust someone to try it on me, but I've googled it and even saw it on someone for the first time in real life at a baseball game the other day. Didn't love the colors she choose, but still loved the look.

The objective/idea is to have it darker near the roots and gradually get lighter on the ends. Your hair does that naturally with sun exposure, but to make it into an artistic expression... LOVE IT!
Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:
This one is very dramatic!!! It can be done way more subtly. But this one shows very well what I mean by dark at the scalp and gradually getting lighter at the ends.
Drew Barrymore does this style. I think it is just beautiful on her. Still this is kind of dramatic too. But I think this is just the amount of melting you want because it makes you notice the style and not just think she hasn't been maintaining her color.
Julia Roberts does it too--- I think! Looking at this photo it looks like it has been melted, but hers is the least dramatic. Hers may very well be sun exposure fading on the ends, but I honestly don't think so. I think this is just a less dramatic melting effect.

So this is a cool trend actually. You can go dramatic or you can stay very subtle too. So I want to know what you guys think of it? I may just let someone do this at school for me. I did last week get a bright red panel in the back of my hair in my shadow box area. But I think this is really what I want to try.

Flash Back Friday

Thought you might like this one for Flashback Friday. I posted the other day from an older post how to add an embellishment to the bobby pins you use for this type of bun. You can check that out here. But to learn how to do this kind of bun or better these pig tails you can click on the photo above or on this link. Have a great day!!!

Flower Hair Headband

I know it is hard to believe, but believe it! A BRAND NEW TUTORIAL!!!! This hair tutorial is seriously fabulous! I love it anyways. You'll have to let me know what you think once you see the finished results.
You'll have to watch the partings on this one. You want to have a diamond shape for your starting ponytail in this one and you will weave a ribbon right into the ponytail. Just secure it with the elastic that you use for the ponytail.
You will be using that ribbon to make a ribbon braid down both sides of the head. This is going to be your headband.
For a refresher on the ribbon braid just go check out this video we have posted on youtube. Repeat this on both sides.
Yes you have a weird looking spot with that ribbon on top, but we are going to change that right now. With your original ponytail you will be making a flower out of hair to finish this hair do. To do mine I just very loosely braided this and then stacked it to look like a flower.
This is how it should look with your flower in place.
Secure the braids right behind the ear so it is out of the way. Out of sight out of mind.
And here is your finished hair do. Pretty dang cute if you ask me----->

What do you think?

Flash Back Friday

I still have suck a long way to go on fixing up posts. But I will work on it more. This whole week has been kind of a flash back week since I have been fixing those posts. I shot a new hair do and was going to post it today for something new, but my camera seems to have grown legs and walked away last night. So no new do just yet. But it is really REALLY cute. I can't wait to post it. For today I decided to go back to this post of securing these single twists. Its a fun tutorial. Check it out here. Have a great weekend!

Two More

I wish I had better help on these, but I am finding that a lot of these photo missing posts are around the same time I had a computer crash.... So until I can get my hands in some long hair I won't have a photo step by step, but rather the written explanation. Sorry about that! Click on the photo's to take you to either tutorial---->
Have a happy Tuesday!!!

Messy Messy Messy

I can not believe how many photo's have disappeared. I knew it happened, but I don't think I really knew how bad it was. This messy bun probably has more links to it throughout my blog than anywhere else. So this was an important one for me to get fixed. To get to this tutorial just click on this link. And leave us some love---- we love comments.

Another Fixed Link

Two in one day!!! I am seriously on a roll! This is another one from back in 2009 that had all the photo's disappear. So I have re-uploaded the photos for your tutorial needs. I wanted so badly to show a photo of this one from the front that I never posted before to remind you just how little my little Beans was once-upon-a-time.... (sigh) they grow up too fast!!!If you need a refresher on this tutorial since I added the photo's back to it---- check it out here. And have a great day!!!

Button Fixed Post

Those of you who have been following for the last two or three years with us (since the beginning...) Will remember a time that I lost my original blog... it was deleted because of my possibly being a robot (NOT). And then when I moved it all back over to this new blog after a few weeks my posts went crazy and I lost a bunch of my photo's to old posts. Yeah-- LAME!!!! Well a week ago my friend from Babes in Hairland needed one of my old posts so that she could like a do back to one of mine and sadly it was one of these posts that had disappeared. Well she gave me back that flame to go back through all my old files and try to clean up these missing photo posts. I was trying a while ago to re-shoot them, but then we cut Beans hair and it was hard to do with these longer hair styles, so I am just going to try and look through my old saved files and try to find them. I found this one and two others that need to be fixed this morning.

I started with this one because I remember how much I loved this concept and I think I may need to try a new do or two with this idea. I used a button to add to an elastic for this hair tutorial. The post was of course more about the button than anything, but man the possibilities of this idea are endless. So go check out this tutorial using these fun buttons.

Flash Back Friday

Today I have this hair do for a flash back, its pretty self explanatory-- thank goodness. Because I never actually did a tutorial on this one. I posted this hair do back when my blog was on the fritz and I had to move all the posts over from my old address to this new one, some of you will remember way back then... so you can check out the original post here if you want, but its really no help. So hopefully this is an easy one to just look at and duplicate. Have a great weekend.

Jenn and Beans



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