Short Hair--- EASY Half Updo

Beans hair is growing so fast--- I need to get more of the short hair styles done while its still short. Because her best friend has hair down to her bottom and Beans wants to grow hers out that long too. So I shot this fun half up do that to me looks a little like a rose when it is all said and done. You can be the judge of that.
So we are working with the top section of hair for this updo. The biggest and hardest part for hair this length is getting it back to work with, so I made this into three pony tails. I "V" parted the hair so the pony tails could be fairly close together. I hope you can tell what I mean with that photo above.
Now you will start with the center pony tail for this hairstyle.
Take it in smaller sections as needed. With different densities it will be different on everyone, but you will start just bumping and twisting the hair with the way a rose looks in mind. Start in the center and just use your bobby pins wisely.
Take your next section of hair and start working it into the mix of things.
Next you will take the top section and do the same thing, Make sure to work your peddles into covering up that ponytail holder. And try and keep your bobby pins from being to painfully obvious.
After the top pony tail is worked into things you will move on to the bottom pony tail and just section it as much as you need to in order to work it all into this fun half bun. Curl the hair left down or whatever you desire. The sky is the limit. Hope you enjoy this fun bun!

Flash Back Friday

This last week was midterms--- TESTS TESTS AND MORE TESTS!!! Lovely isn't it! I thought for this weeks flash back I would round up all the posts from All Things Ribbons Mum's Challenge. This was the headband I didn't post with my other post, but it is TOP SHELF, one of our all time favorites. The other hair do's that were done with Jen's Mums were:

Girly Do's---- Triangle Curls
Babes in Hairland---- Figure 8 Braid
Hairstyles For Girls---- Fish Bone Braid Side Swept

I hope you all have a great weekend.Link

Flash Back Friday & a Boy Hair Tip

Holy Smokes---- FRIDAY already! Where did that come from? Well I have a video to share. I planned on getting it posted earlier this week, but it didn't happen. Since I shot this over three months ago I had better get it posted. It ends kind of abrupt, because I ran out of film, but it works. And it features a great product and a great tip for wetting the hair with little ones who don't like being sprayed with the water bottle. So watch it and enjoy.

As far as a Flash Back----- Check out this link to learn how to make this finishing bow look. Its summer time, and you might need a few good hair do's to keep hair of the neck! This one is a keeper. See you next week. Have a great weekend. Happy Fathers Day Daddies!

Flash Back Friday

With the Fourth Of July just around the corner (WHERE IS THIS SUMMER GOING so fast?) I thought we would have a look back on this fun hair do--- A STAR!!! To see the tutorial go check out this link. Hope you are all having a super summer. We started a reading incentive program that has the kids reading up a storm. What do you push during the summer? Fun, reading, sleeping in? What is most important to you?

Triangle Curls

ALL THINGS RIBBON gave us the MUM CHALLENGE. She sent myself along with Babes in Hairland and Hairstyles for Girls (See her use of this Mum Flower Bow here) some of her prettiest Mum Flowers and ask us to create a fun hair do with them. I HAD to post this today. I have another cute hair do I want to share, but I had to post this today because ALL THINGS RIBBON is giving 50% off through today for her birthday bash. You can check out her Facebook page for details. TODAY is the LAST DAY TO GET THAT DEAL though, so hurry over for that sweet deal.

Now for this hair do! I've wanted to share this "idea" since I went to The Peerless Hair Show several weeks ago. This is just a super cute new way to add a different texture to hair. This is ideal for kids, tweens and teens! And it looks super cute when you finish it off with the right accessory! You'll have to check out the video to get the scoop on this. Its basically using a piece of paper to create a more angular or triangular (as I like to say) curl.
I'd love to see your angular curls, so make sure and share what you are doing on our facebook page. And if you aren't subscribed to our Youtube channel yet make sure you click over there and follow us there too. Hope your summer is going great!

Flash Back Friday

This week has been a total WASH for me. Yesterday I went to school SHOCKED that it was already Thursday!!! For those who don't follow us on Facebook, I got stung by a bee last Saturday and my once mild allergy took a fatal turn for the worse. So I have spent this week in Medicine-head mode! I can't believe what a shock a bee sting can be on a persons body. Well I thought I would update real quickly today that I am doing well. I still have the shakes and a load of nerves about going outside again and I think I need to purchase a plastic bubble for outdoor activities this summer... okay maybe not. But I am VERY happy to be alive still and I am VERY happy for the power of adrenaline. LOL--- its not a great story! (I panicked and drove myself to the hospital with my throat swelling quickly! Bad move.)

So anyway-- here is this weeks Flash Back Friday. Today is the last day of school for my kids and I expect to stay away from the bee's and get some new hair do's posted. Hope you all celebrate the end of another great school year by shouting hooray!!!! See you next week.



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