Flash Back Friday

It has been CrAzY around here. Finals week! I am so happy and proud of myself. I managed to get 100% on three of my finals and between 95-99% on the other two. So it look like another straight A semester is winding down. I just have two more days next week and then I can take a much needed rest for two and a half weeks until it all starts up again. Hopefully I can use that time to get the several tutorials (I already have shot) posted. But for today we have another fun and easy hair do to look back and enjoy. Check out this Heads Up Do by clicking this link. Have a great weekend!

Flash Back Friday

With this weekend being Easter I thought I would take you back to a very easy to do hair that is just so pretty. It makes me feel like its Spring despite the rain and cold weather that tells me otherwise. To see this tutorial just click on this link. Hope you all have a happy and safe Easter on Sunday.

Detangler/ALL TIME Favorite Product

This is a video I did a long time ago that I just needed to get uploaded. (She still has long hair in this video.) I have a few more like this on some of my favorite products that I will hopefully be getting posted for you very soon. In this video I mentioned the "Generic" brand that I was just giving a try.... I hate it. It is nothing like who they say they are "compared" to. I have also tried there root lifting product that is supposed to be like Redken Guts, and I just don't think it even compares. So my thoughts is that even though it is more affordable, they haven't been successful in duplicating the quality of the real product. So, I don't suggest there product to get the best results.

So what you are going to see is me using some of the product with silicone to help detangle her hair first thing in the morning. I honestly don't know how we got along so well for so long. I love Biosilk. And with summer coming up this is a great product to have around. It can help protect you hair from the harmful damage of the sun. So look into it, google it and decide if it is for you.

Flash Back Friday

I know I haven't been updating. Sorry 'bout that. School is winding down, so it is busy as ever with final projects and everything. So thanks for hanging in their with us. Today's flash back is just a fun easy hair do that we did a long time ago, but I love it and thought it was worth flashing back too. It originally posted in January 2009. Can you believe how long ago that was. It feels like a long time ago too me anyways. For this tutorial you can click on this link. Remember to share your hair do's with us on facebook. Have a nice weekend.

Flash Back Friday

This is one of our favorites. I thought I would re-share this one today since Easter and Spring are right around the corner. I think this one is just beautiful and really easy to do, so I hope you enjoy this re-post. Check out the tutorial for this one here. Have a happy weekend.

Winner of the MINI

So so so SO so SORRY about yesterday. I don't know that I was sick as much as just really run down! But I am back and I have a spring in my step again and life is looking GOOD! So now I can announce the winner of the MINI curling iron. Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner is:Gabi--- and I will email her since her comment was her email address and I won't be posting that here for everyone too see. Congratulations!!! I hope you love it.

And here is the picture of Beans new summer ready cute bob. I razor cut it underneath so that it will curl under on its own. That curve is just how I did the cut, no irons necessary. She is into doing her own hair and this one works great for a gal wanting to do her own hair. This was of course cut by yours truly.
Pretty little lady!!!



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