Giveaway--- TIME IS UP


Its been a very long time since we have had a giveaway. We needed to have another one, just for fun! This giveaway is simply for one of these cute MINI FLAT IRONS. I love these things! This one is by Plugged In and has three little bling gems on the handle. It is very girly and cute. I use the long Plugged In iron at home in my own hair and the 1" Plugged In gem handle flat iron at school. I am just a big fan. So I thought I would share the wealth and have this one offered up as a giveaway.

This giveaway is for an
PLUGGED IN Mini *BLING* Styling Iron
(It retails for around $20.00)
Everyone can have one entry (as a comment below) to win this cute MINI.

Followers (new and old) here on the blog, get to have three more entries.

If you link this giveaway on your Facebook page or Twitter about this giveaway you can have three more entries.

You have the chance of leaving up to seven entries total! That gives you good odds to win. Spread them out or get them all in at once. You decide.

Winner will be drawn on Tuesday April 5, 2011 at 2:00 in the afternoon, MST.

Flash Back Friday

This has always been a favorite... I hope you like it too. To see the step by step tutorial click on this link. We love comment love and would love to see your version of this on our facebook page. Have a happy weekend!!!

Not what I pictured....

This was something I was trying, but failed at what I wanted it too look like, but was not UNHAPPY with how it came out. I think I may fail painfully with my explanation though and I apologize if it is not clear.
Start with a ponytail.
Section out a part from the top and to keep it separate from the rest of the ponytail just use another elastic to keep it out of the way.
Now you are going to be a little awkward, but do a waterfall braid leaving the hair flowing towards the face. I had to use a clip to keep the falling part of the braids out of my way.
Once you are to one side you will continue braiding really loosely and braid in those fallen braids into a little funky top on top of that ponytail.
At this point I was just free-styling with this hair do, but I was happy with the outcome. Even though it was very different than I had pictured it. I swept the bottom of the ponytail up and under securing with bobby pins.
And this was what happened. I love this look. Its very fun.
Just a look at the top. What do you think? Did my accident work out okay?

Flash Back Friday

Yesterday was HILARIOUS!!!! I decided to not be a poor-sport about the whole St. Patrick's Day thing and it ended up pretty funny. There was a note left by one of my kids traps that said a "trick" was left in the refrigerator. Well there was candy in the fridge, Rollo's. Anyways after the kids dove in and started enjoying there treat it dawned on them that the letter had said "trick" and the cogs and gears in there head started turning. Next thing I knew I had panicked kids investigating the fridge again for a trick and checking there legs. I couldn't figure out WHAT TRICK they thought was going to be on their legs... I finally asked what they were doing and my oldest son explained that there was a trick that was left. He had narrowed it down to something being wrong with the candy. Last year the leprechaun that visited our house left our dog green (hair color spray) so they were pretty sure the candy was going to turn them green. He found a green colored bruise on his leg and observed that he didn't see it there in the morning. They were turning green!!! Or so they thought. Later at dinner time we poured our milk and discovered our milk had been died green. They finally decided that was the trick and that they were safe from an inevitable green bodied fate that they were sure of earlier. It was awesome! I guess St. Patricks day can be kind of fun.

So today for Flash Back Friday I went to a simple on that I know is loved. It is another favorite here at Girly Do's. Piggy Bows, if you have not tried them yet I hope you will give them a try some time soon.

Tutorial can be found here.

Bun Toppers

This is another good one that someone posted on our Facebook page that I just wanted to share. They did this fun bun just on top of a ponytail, but we decided to piggy-tail this style. Its really easy to figure out, but we shot a few step by step instructions just in case.
First (though) I found these new fashion shaped hair elastics that are to die for!!! They are just like the little bracelets that all the kids are wearing around, but thicker and made for hair. They have YET to disappoint me. I don't remember the brand or what company makes them, but we did get them for Kmart. Next time I am there I will try and look for them again, but I absolutely love them.
Okay, here we go. Start with Pig tails. High or low, it doesn't matter.
Take out a little piece of hair. Make sure it is like an 1/8 of the hair section, so you have more in the piggy-tail than used in the bun.
Braid it, twist it, whatever. You will get a different looking bun with every braid you try. We went with a twist.
Wrap it neatly on top and use bobby pins to hide the end piece of hair and to form it into your bun.
Repeat on the other side and you have fun bun toppers for your pigtails. Aren't they great? We love it around here. Thank you for sharing your idea's on Facebook. We love seeing what you are doing.

Third Try is a Charm-- (I HOPE)

I posted a video the other day that I had shot using my tripod. We kind of missed the most challenging part--- the start of the curl on the fabric/rag. So with the help of my sweetheart I have re-shot (again) the rag curl wrap. The original post of rag curls can be found at this link. I hope this video shows you better how to start the rag-curl. Can't wait too see your curls. Make sure and share them on our facebook page. We love seeing what you are doing.

Getting the Practice...

One of the biggest things I am ever asked is HOW DO YOU GET HER TO HOLD STILL LONG ENOUGH TO TRY ALL THESE HAIR DO'S? And I will tell you what I have done. These are just tricks that work for me.

*I made a busy box when she was like three that we only get out when it was hair time. The rule was she had to sit still and let me play with her hair while she played with the box.

*Deal making. Beans likes to play with my hair and that will sometimes work for me. I say she can play with mine after I get to play with hers.

*When I am cutting a little persons hair (at school) I always give them my water bottle and let them drench my mirror. They hold really still when you are letting them be a little destructive at the same time. Cleaning up the mess afterwords is not a big deal if I can get them to hold still for a bit.

*Do hair in a place where they can be watching there favorite movie while you practice.

*Offer to take pictures of it and make a big deal about there hair when they let you do a fun style. Believe it or not attention is attention and I don't know any kid that doesn't love attention. Give it to 'em.

Whatever works for you is great, but make sure and keep hair styling time a POSITIVE experience. If you are pulling out hair and causing tears just to get a cute style it just isn't worth it. Go for the at least brushed look until your little one is ready for a fun/fancy style. What advice or tips do you guys have. I am sure there are much more than just the few I have suggested here. These are just the ones I have done before. Please comment below with what works for you.

Flash Back Friday

I can't believe how many of my old posts are missing the photo's. One in particular that I was going to share this week, but it was gone---- SADLY. So I chose this one instead. I love, love, love this one so much. You can find the tutorial for this bun at this link, or by clicking on the photo above. Have a nice weekend.

A little Added UMPH!!

Sometimes in the morning I have all of five minutes to do something with Beans hair. This is one of those quick hair do's I (personally) love so much. I like to think I can send my little gal to school in more than just a ponytail. However I do those simply sometimes too. But here is a added touch to make it more than ordinary.
I decided to do this as a low side pony tail and I did some twists leading into the pony tail to start. I had a twist on her left side coming across over her ear.
And the twist on her right side goes right across the back part of the ponytail.
Now take a section out of the ponytail and put an elastic in about three-quarters of the way down.
Twist it a few times to give a little flare and texture then secure the elastic to the ponytail with another elastic.
This gives a little something at the top of the ponytail and makes it more fun. There was a beautiful bun posted by a reader on our Facebook Page. Adding flare to the top of a ponytail really is a good thing. And this one can be done so fast. So use it next time you are in a rush.

Flash Back Friday

Here is a good simple one that is an oldy---- check out the tutorial here. I've also seen this one while being out-and-about. This one will always be a favorite of mine. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Easy, Beautiful Updo

I have been having lots of great idea's posted on the wall of my Girly Do's Facebook Page--- THANK YOU. With time being what it is in my life I decided to give this one a try because it came with a video that someone else has already put together and uploaded to Youtube. YEAH!!! I am not a huge fan of the video because I think there are a handful of extra steps that I don't think you need like (for example) putting in an elastic every time you get to one side, but they might have been doing that just for the tutorial. And the other thing I don't love it that it moves too fast to read the words or the explanation of what they are doing. But if you watch it I think you will get the idea of how to get this look. Here is the link to that Tutorial on This Updo. I also finished mine off very differently... but don't we all do things just a little differently?

We did this for church on Sunday and had lots of people stopping us to try and figure this one out. It is a real attention getter, so enjoy it.



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