Flash Back Friday

I am starting a new little tradition... for a while anyways. For those who have been with Girly Do's for a while you will remember when I quit blogging for a while due to my sons health. Well things are happening again and we are currently trying to get him used to sleeping with a CPAP Machine at nights to help him with his Sleep Apnea. He's doing GREAT!!! Things are going super, but it is a process. A tiring process. That, school and my husbands job being so demanding on him that its like I NEVER see him... I am finding my load a bit heavy. So to stick with blogging and not give up again I am starting a new thing here called Flash Back Friday, that way I can stay in practice of blogging every week and not have the pressure of coming up with something new all the time right now. Which trust me I have a whole head full of NEW idea's... just no time. I can't wait to tell you all the cool stuff I have learned in school--- tips--- tricks--- STYLES. I am not going away or taking a break, just adding a little helping aid to the mix. And for those of you that are new to Girly Do's... you can enjoy some of my old favorites.

This one I originally posted March 3, 2009--- that feels like AGES ago. I was walking in the mall one day and saw a cute little gal sporting this hair do and I got all excited, because I knew she got the idea from our blog. This one is very fun--- so enjoy.
"X"Marks the Spot.

Video- Rag Curls

This is an old one--- not the video, but the original post was from WAY-BACK-WHEN I first started my hair blog. Actually it was way back from when it was on my family blog before I made Girly Do's its own thing... WOW we have been around a while.

I know the video has been a long time request, so I made this for those of you that didn't fully understand from my photo tutorial. Hope this video helps. Comment love is always appreciated. And that way I know what you guys like too see. And no one comment on the shoes/boots in the background. I wish I would have noticed that before I shot this video--- oh well I only human.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Click on the photo above to be taken directly to this tutorial.

I just love this hair do and I know there has been a lot of people that are new and probably missed this one when it originally was posted, so I thought we'd take a walk down memory lane and check this one out again. Such a beautiful hair do, good for girls and woman of all ages.

Twists Back

This is more of the same idea as yesterday. Keep watching these are going to be used in a more interesting hairstyle in my next post. I am just trying to show a few really easy ways to use a simple idea and have a nice hair do. All to often I see little girls that look like they haven't had their hair brushed. MY OWN BEANS has sported that look. So I know the importance of packing away a few idea's that are quick and easy. So that is what I am trying to supply.

If you plan on using this one keep in mind that both twist need to be twisted down (or up...). Either way you do it they just need to be in the same direction. If you want this same hair do it is twisting clockwise on the left and counter clock wise on the right side. This is great to lead into a ponytail. It adds that extra flare to a ponytail that I adore.

Simple Twist

This is one of those really easy and out the door hair styles that is good for anyone and everyone. Its a no-brainer. But I have been playing with twist hair styles and including twists into simple quick hair do's, so for today we will start with the simple twist. Good for kids, moms, teen and tweens. This is a great QUICK hairstyle for every age. And I am a firm believer that your hair should look like you put SOME amount of time into it every day. Even if it is only a few seconds before you head out the door.

LOL- Partings

If there is ANYONE out there as awkward as I am on the video camera you will understand why I pull so many weird faces on this video---LOL. It works. I shot it that same night after I posted my facebook page about my discovery. I hope you can tell the difference between the two different partings. If not experiment with your own part and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by.



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