A Few Good Tutorials

I need to make me some NEW hair bows and such. I love our collection, but I just feel the anxiousness in my fingertips to be creative. I don't want to take on a big HUGE project, so bows seem simple enough to satisfy my creative outlets. This is a list of a few of the tutorials I have found that I want to try. I thought I would share them with you all.
Felt Flower Tutorial by Creations by Kara
A Flower in My Hair by Trey and Lucy
Fabric Flowers by It Works For Me!
Five Petal Flower by Ameroonie Designs
These are a few I have bookmarked that I want to try sometime. I may start with those, but what are some of your favorite tutorials you have seen or done on hair accessories? Go ahead and link them up and share with everyone. I am looking forward to seeing what other tutorials are out there.

Wide Loopy Bun

Just playin' one day and this is what we came up with. Start with three pony tails on top.
Now you are going to take the pony and take little sections out to make loops.
Make a loop and anchor the loop with a bobby pin.
Do this for all three pony tails to start.
Now take a little and put a loop in between the first loops. You are ONLY using the hair from the pony tail sections.
Take some more hair from the pony tails and loop it in and out to your liking. Using bobby pins along the way to hold it secure.
The results is a beautiful wide loopy bun. Love it!

Have fun with this hair do and remember to post your to our facebook page. I love seeing what you have been doing.

Waterfall NO BRAID Style

This is just a REALLY good REALLY quick one. That is like the waterfall braid, but faster. And if you have short hair that is too short to braid... this is a VERY good alternative.
First thing I did was curl all the hair under. This is actually our favorite way to do Beans hair with this new haircut. Just curled under. It has a nice bounce to it.
Now start by using your little claw-clips. Starting in the front bang area just clip a small section back.
Divide out half the hair and pull the other half back into your next clip.
Divide in half again and leave some hair down pulling the other half back into your next claw.
Repeat. You could do all the clips the same color or you can co a pattern. Of a rainbow. This is a good chance to add some real color to this style.
Repeat on the other side. If you did random colors try and repeat the color pattern on the other side. It is just more balanced that way. In the end you can pull them together in the back to complete the style. All-in-all this is a really fast, easy and adorable hairstyle. ENJOY!!!

In My Opinion

I have my favorite "Top Eleven" hair do's of 2010 that I thought I would share with you all. These are some of the many hair do's I have posted this last year. These are the ones I think are my favorite eleven to start off 2011.



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