Tip on Thursday

I'm going to give this "Tip" sharing idea a go. But I might switch it to Tips for Tuesday (it just sounds better). But for today I am giving you Tips on Thursday.

I've learned A TON of great information with going to school and I haven't always been brave putting out there the things that I have learned, but I truly think some of the information I have learned can benefit a lot of you readers with managing your kids hair and your own as well. So take from these tips what you will and know that some with apply to you, but others not so much. Every one's hair is different and there are very few rules that apply to every one and every hair type.

Today I want to talk to you about STATIC!!!! I know I have readers from all over the world, but for those of you who live in areas you have to turn up the heat this time of year you may have noticed your hair seems to be more static attractive. Of course winter is a hard time to control the static, so I have two tips I use to share with you. You may try one or both.

First tip is to get your hands on a good leave in conditioner. I use It's a 10 with Keratin it is formulated to do ten different things to benefit the health of your hair. (Click that link to read more.) You are supposed to spray it right on the hair, but that sometimes makes my hair feel weighty. I do that every third or fourth time I apply this to my hair. But the rest of the time I will spray it on my hand and apply it right to the ends of my hair. I blow-dry my hair as usual and style without any threat of static.

Second tip is to rub your static-born hair midday with a drier sheet. If you find you have static midday and obviously can't put in a leave in conditioner just take a drier sheet and smooth it over the top of your hair and rub it into your ends. You don't want to go over board and weigh it down with the moisturizers you are nabbing from the drier sheet. So go easy with it.

There you have it. Two tips to hopefully help you control those fly ways. If you have any tips you might want to share and possibly have featured or if you have any questions I might be able to help you with by sharing next weeks tips please let me know your thoughts.


  1. Another idea might be to use a silky pillowcase, so you don't end up with breakage. And breakage can look static like really easy.

  2. My daughter gets static hair every winter. She looks like she's put her finger in an electrical socket or something. I like to take her leave in conditioner, and spray her brush with it, every so often, and let it dry. It helps keep the static build up out of the brush. I also take an anti-static sheet, and go over high static areas in the house, that I know she will be rubbing her head against, such as the back of the couch.


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