Short Hair Pig Tails (Ideas for Short Hair #12)


This is such a popular one right now. I wanted to make sure that you know this can totally be done and used in short hair as well as with long hair. Using the hair for its own bow style can really be used for all kinds of hairstyles both fun for little girls to fancy for moms or brides. Hopefully this tutorial will get a few little girls with short hair this fun hairstyle.
Start with pigtails. Half the hair up and half the hair down. You can curl that under or diffuse it just as a thought. I am doing this is damp hair. Its not completely wet, but it is very damp to make sure and smooth away fly away hairs.
 You make your loops with a little hair from each side and secure them with elastics for the bows loop. I came up with this idea to use the topsy-tail to to the cross over instead of going back and forth with hair and bobby-pins. I stuck the tool into the ponytail and I took a little hair from the ponytail rather than the ends from the loops. That way the ends are still there to act as the ends in the bow.
Pull some hair through the ponytail and you have your bows on both sides. MY LONG HAIR IDEA---- do climbers all the way down this bows at every intersection. That would just be so cute!!! I want to do it. I just need to get my hands into a head of very long hair. Maybe one of these days I will. If you take my suggestion make sure and send me a photo, I'd love to see this all the way down the hair.
Love this style, its easy and its cute and it is so much more than just pigtails. Hope you enjoy it too!

**UPDATE** For video help on these bows click on this link.


  1. Very cute! And perfect timing - I was just trying to think of some new short hair ideas this morning. Will be trying this tomorrow!!! :-)

  2. Oh my heck, that is adorable. One of the cutest you've done I think!

  3. Vo cute!
    I´ll try it!
    come and check my blog!

  4. Just tried it on my daughter this morning and for a little holiday fun added a red ribbon with bells on each end around each pigtail. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Love this! What a neat idea for a blog! Will stay tuned!

  6. My daughter has very long hair and I'd love to try the 'climbers'...but not quite sure what you mean....

  7. What is that thing called you used to pull the hair down?!

    1. It's also call a Topsy Tail through Conair. Ulta sells it online and in stores for around 5.00. :)

  8. I can't seem to get the party after the pony tail.. can you do a tutorial

  9. a tutorial would be awesome because I deff want to try this on my daughter looks super awesome

  10. Hey Jenn could you do a video on this? I'm stuck where you make the loops.


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