Last week (On Monday) I volunteered my hair at school to be the demo for this Melting/Ombre effect. (In most places it is known as Ombre and if you google it you need to google Ombre, but if you live where I live, we know it as Melting.)I posted on Tuesday the first photo. This was the day after. I left feeling like it was rather orange and brassy. I didn't love it. So on Wednesday night we toned my hair and for me this was all the difference. The ends are still lighter as intended with the melting effect. I get a ton of compliments- which is always wonderful. And I don't feel so orange. Both look great, one is just more dramatic than the other. So I have a few questions for you...

#1--- Which do you like better. Picture one with me in blue, or picture two after it was toned in the very light gray? (Just go off the color not the style. The style in the first is way better than the second.)

#2--- Have you ever left a salon NOT totally in love with your new hair style/color? And did you ever return to that salon?

#3--- What makes you KNOW you got good results form a new color/style? Was it the compliments you got from people, was it the way you felt, did you just know because you know fully what your style is no questions asked... Just how do you know?

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We just shot two hair style videos that I plan on posting this week. So I will check back in on Monday or Tuesday with the first one. I have finals in school both days, so if I don't happen to sit down and post again until then... wish me luck.


  1. I have a hard time because I usually leave not loving my hair. Maybe I just don't explain what I want really well. But I also feel like a lot people give me their version of what I want and not what I asked for. So I have always wondered about the protocol. Do you go back and pay again? Do you ask them to just fix it? Do you go somewhere else? Not sure.

  2. I love the darker version it looks great! Usually if I do not like it I actually tell them and most of the time they can fix it. I usually love anything new (haha) so I always anything they do. Only time I remember not loving something is when I walked out and I realized my hair was two different lengths. haha

  3. I like the blue shirt honestly... then again, I'm one to do punk purple in my hair on a regular basis... so take it for what it is worth :)

    And, yes I usually leave with a do I like, but usually because I don't have anything specific in mind and because I let my hair dresser have free reign with it. :)

    PS. This picture is old and I have crappy hair in it too... lol

  4. I think the color in the second pic is gorgeous. The first pic is just not for me, but I love the curls!

  5. I thought your hair looked great in the first one, but now I think it looks gorgeous in the second one!

  6. 1. From that angle, I can hardly tell that there's any melting at all! It just looks like two different hair colors in the sun - but I suppose that can be the goal. (:

    2. I have gone back and requested a re-cut ONCE in my life. most of the time, I don't get enough of a style for it to matter (I have long, wavy, barely layered hair that is usually ponytailed or braided, so the cut isn't going to do much damage, almost no matter what), but this one time, oooof! It was terrible. I had decided to get my hair chopped into an adorable bob cut. I showed the stylist a photo of what I wanted, and told her that I was concerned that it would get massively curly and end up looking more like an afro than a bob... she cut it with basically no layers, and - yep, you guessed it, I had mushroom shaped afro. It really wasn't okay. It was too short to pull back, and ... well, long story short, I went back three days later, literally with tears in my eyes, saying that I had TRIED to make it look decent, and it just didn't, so they took me back and the head stylist person fixed it like a pro, and didn't charge me. It was very generous of her!

    3. I can tell WHILE they're cutting if it's going to be good or not. And I don't go to the same person every time, so it's not like I just know the stylist or something. It's just that.... I don't know. There's a certain sound to the scissor if they're being careful or sloppy. There's a certain number or times to ask a person to put their chin down before you know they're really making it perfect. There's a way they handle getting knots out to know if they actually are considerate / careful. There's something about all those things that just lets me know it's gonna be amazing - or not! (Fortunately, if it's not, I just pull it back and let the curls hide the problems. (:

  7. I'm a hair stylist in NW Georgia and I would prefer if a client weren't happy that she tell me so that I have an opportunity to make it right for her.

    I was actually pinterest in the direction of this blog via pinterest by a current client. She is wanting to duplicate the color in the first picture. Based on the pictures it looks like a 4NBc at root and fading to a 6/7Bc at the ends. Am I close????

    I love both shots but I love the warmth in the first picture...looks like when the leaves first start changing in my part of the world.

  8. Pointed in the direction of this blog via pinterest...I hate autocorrect on my phone...


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