Hair-Bow Video

I know Bows can be confusing... and we've been doing them for a very long time. We recently changed how we have done these cute little bows, so since so many asked for a video we made one. There is one little mess up when I do that bump between the bow loops. I note it on the video, so make sure and watch for that.

 For a few other hair ideas that we have used bows on in the past check these out:
Bows and Braids for Short Hair
Short Hair Pig Bows (Same as above just photo tutorial.)
Combination of Ribbon Braid with Hair Bow Ponytail
Low Pigtail Bows
Finishing Touch Bow on Braids
and last our Original Lady Gaga Bow done in 2009. 

I can't believe we've been doing bows for so long. Check those out if you like using bows. As for me its finals week, so I'd love some words of encouragement if you have some to share. Thanks all!!


  1. Super cute and would be so fun for a Christmas hairdo. Thanks for the video, it definitely helped explain it better. Good luck with finals!!!

  2. Always wondered how you did these. Thanks for the 'tut. These are so cute & I've loved them since you first posted your Lady Gaga one.

  3. Wow I don't know where you get all your hair style ideas but they all look super cute. I love the two hair bows, when it is time to undo them do they come out easy?

  4. where do you get the "topsy tail" ?


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