Faking a Waterfall Braid

I know a handful of you CAN'T french braid making waterfall braids nearly impossible, so this is my help for those of you who LOVE the waterfall braid, but can't do it for lack of being able to braid. You know I love to simplify hair do's for you. I did this a while back with french braiding (with this tutorial). So hopefully this helps those who want to do the waterfall braid. If you CAN braid and just need to be linked to the real waterfall braid go to this link.
Its not the same, but it looks cute and it won't slip out like a regular waterfall braid. Really its a pretty smart hair design.
Start with a ponytail in the front bang section where you want to start the style. You can just climb with ponytails or you can add a twist with your fingers or topsy-tail by sending the hair through the middle like we did.
Next you will section the hair out for your next ponytail.
Divide the hair from the first section so you have some to combine and some to leave cascading down.
Secure and if you are knotting with your topsy-tail of fingers repeat the style for each of your ponytail sections.

Do this until you reach your desired finishing spot. We just wanted them on one side of her head just as an accent detail to her already natural cuteness (awwww). You can use this any way you'd like. Hope you enjoy.

FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! I'm so not ready for this year. How close are you to being ready?


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  4. I like this style. Regular waterfall braids are kind of loose and don't stay in all day. I'm going to try this on my girls. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I saw this a while ago, and just didn't post anything. But I have to say, THANK YOU! I am so quasi at french braiding (isn't it funny, my mom, your mom, me, you lol), and so this is perfect for me. I love the waterfall look and am just so glad to be able to at least pretend to do it on my girls. Thanks, Jenn! :)


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