End of 2011 Flash Back

This last week has been a rough one! On Monday I woke up with a little tooth ache, but decided it wasn't super bad and that it was just something I needed to have looked at before too much longer. The thought of course being when my kids were back in school. Tuesday I woke up with a painful jaw that was swollen two sizes bigger than normal. I had to go to the dentist that day it was so killer. Apparently I have an abscess tooth infection.It hurt like mad right up until today, so I haven't been having the most fun break ever... to put it mild.

So I didn't get any new hair do's shoot like I had planned, so I hope you don't mid me showing you my favorites of this year. From January to December these are Beans and my favorites. Hope you have had a good year with us. We've enjoyed our time with you and look forward to 2012 with you. Click on the photo to be taken right to the tutorial.

In January we did Loopy buns. Such a cute hair style. Her hair was so long at the start of the year.
February we talked more about things I had learned in school and I did a new video on rag curls. We also did this cute little hair do that is so simple that anyone can do it.

In March we did a lot of great hairstyles. I had a hard time choosing a favorite for this month. There was our very pretty beautiful updo using waterfall braids and lots of pretty bun toppers. I tried the rag curl wrap video AGAIN, a giveaway and I messed up on a cute hair do. But in the end I decided my favorite for this month was my cute little bun toppers.
April wasn't a very busy month for us as far as posting new ideas. But it was the moth that we went from long hair to short.

In May we were getting used to Miss Short hair. And we came up with this cute little number.

June gave us Triangle Curls. Who has tried triangle curls? Who is going to try triangle curls?
July was a busy month for EVERYONE, I fixed a lot of old posts... I STILL HAVE A TON MORE THAT I NEED TO FIX TOO, but I got a lot done that month! My favorite for this month was this flower headband.

In August we had one of my brother-in-laws wedding and did a cute updo for that with Beans short hair, but my favorite for August was a simple one. You have to love simple hair ideas. (I just noticed as I was linking that one that it has over 200 likes---- THANK YOU)

In September I did a video for those Knots in the previous photo above. But my favorite new hairdo was this braided headband tutorial. October I was busy creating Halloween costumes, and my favorite posted hairdo wasn't done on Beans, but on a friend at school. I love this hairdo and I loved playing with long hair again.
 November I was clearly having a lot of fun using waterfall braids in different hairstyles. And I actually have two or three favorites from this month, but I went with the one out of those favorites that we find ourselves using most. I love this one.
In December I think most people liked our cheating way to do waterfall braids, but my favorite and I think I am one of the only that LOVES this one so much is finger waves. I love Finger Waves.
Its been a very fun year and I look forward to 2012. Thank you so much for being a part of our Internet hair family. You guys are great and Beans and I {heart} you. Beans has big goals about what she'd like to see happen here on Girly Do Hairstyles. So she and I need to sit down and make some plans. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!


Jenn and Beans

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  1. Thanks for reviewing some of the great hair-dos from the year. I don't know what I'd do without this great site! I hope you have a wonderful 2012!


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