Using Beads in Hair

This is one of those brilliant ideas my mind has come up with--- Just kidding. Its a great idea. I've actually been trying to think of a way to make the ribbon braid work better, and I came up with this idea. Its so simple I'm almost certain that someone else already uses this idea, but its worth sharing. Hope you enjoy. Hope you will leave me comment love about this one. Hope you all have a great week.

Now I just need to know if anyone wants a tutorial on putting in feather extensions? We've done that before and Miss Beans is asking for feathers again, so is there anyone that needs, or would like a tutorial on putting feathers in hair?

Here's a few more links for you to look over using this particular ribbon braid--->
Ribbon Braid with Bow
The Original Braided Ribbon Tutorial--- Loose Braids
Pigtail Test Braids


  1. Yes please show how to do the feathers! Also, my kids being noisy, so I didn't hear if you said where to get the beads...would I be able to get them at Sally's?

  2. Yes--- you can get Babes from Pearless, but Sally's has a type too. Its not babes, but it is good too. I just use Babes brand.

  3. I would love a feather extension tutorial. I've read a couple of them, and I've put the feathers in a few times. The first ones I did (one on each daughter, I have 3) turned out fantastic, but the last ones I did on the little two are kind of sticking up, and I have to be creative with hairstyles to keep the bead hidden in their hair.... lol. Not sure what I did differently, either :/

  4. They have beads and feathers at Sally's! Love this idea, Jenn!!! ;)

  5. Jenn ~ Thanks so much - LOVE the bead idea for ribbon too - I've never seen that done so I'm soooo happy you shared. Yes, I'd love to see the feather also. My daughters both had feathers and they now need to be tightened up.
    Thanks :)


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