Old Videos--- CLASSICS

So I am trying to get all my video's in one place, because early on in this venture I tried a few different services to videos, so here is my attempt to get them all on my Youtube.com account.I have a few that I am afraid I might have to re-shoot. And the really sad thing about it is these are classics! Check out little man running around chasing the kitten in just his diaper! Love it. See--- we are as real as real around here.

This first video in for the messy bun we use a lot around here. This one was submitted by a reader names Suzanne--- FOREVER ago. Its easy and wonderful, so have a look.

This is a video we put together for a reader about making a ponytail nice and smooth. Hopefully it helps. I can't believe how long Beans hair was back then. And my awesome son helping me video tape the whole thing--- Too great!!! 
Hope these help out a bit and that you enjoy watching. Thanks for checking us out.


  1. I have been watching your videos and trying out them on my daughter and they look good when she leaves for school, but by the time she comes home, her hair looks horrible. Tons of flyaways and everything is all loose. Is there anything that you can suggest to help with that?


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