Ideas For Short Hair #11 Waterfall Pigtails

Really pretty one for you today! We've done this before, but pulled the hairs into a ponytail, but for short hair ponytails aren't an option, so you divide up the cascading hair and pull them into pigtails. This is a pretty cute idea and option when you are working with short hair. If you have hair that is not as fine as Beans you could even just leave it in the headband and forgo pigtails all together. But because we are working with fine super straight hair it will just slip out if we left it on its own.
For a refresher on how to do the waterfall braid go and check out this tutorial. And check out this hair do using the waterfall braid also while you are looking around. One more thing you may want to check out is a cute dress to wear with this hairstyle. Jen at All Things Ribbon is having a giveaway for a cute little number, so go get in her giveaway. Make sure and like her Facebook page and tell her Beans and Jenn sent you.


  1. So pretty- wish I was talented enough to be able to do that myself!

  2. So cute. Wasn't having much luck keeping this type of braid in my little girls hair so putting it in pigtails is a perfect idea.


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