Ideas for short hair #9

We hit an awesome milestone this week. We can make pigtails!!! And the best part, Beans loves them and doesn't want to go short again. So I am thrilled that we may be growing out her hair. She may change her mind when I take her in to get a trim in the next few weeks. Her call---- of course. So yesterday we did pigtails with knots and I didn't take a photo, but I will next time we do that hair do. We did this waterfall braid today on one side and pulled them back into pigtails. I love how this adds just a little flair to this hair do. So if you don't know how to do the waterfall braid already make sure and check out my tutorial found at this link. Hope this gives you another good idea to work into your short hair rotation.

PS--- I don't use an elastic in the braid part because I like it to transition smooth, so I used bobby-pins. Give it a try I bet you like how it finishes up better.


  1. Yeah for piggies! So cute & love the waterfall into the ponies.

  2. Cute! I love these short hair ideas.

  3. I love your short hair it looks good on you Little Baby


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