Ideas For Short Hair #10

This was one of the first ten or twenty I did a tutorial on when I very first started this blog. I did the tutorial on my nieces hair, but I did this again on my Beans hair the other day because it is absolutely perfect for short hair! Seriously this one can work in darn near all hair lengths, but not so well in all hair types. You are not going to find the knots stay in very well if you have super fine hair. Try using a bobby pin for finer hair. For the tutorial on this one I decided just to link you back to the original tutorial found at this link. Hope you are having a terrific week! I know we are.

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  1. Thank you!! I just cut my hair super short from being extremely long, and I had no idea how to style my hair unless I left it down. It really helped! If you have any other great ideas please email me,!


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