Flash Back Friday

My Super cute niece came into my school last night for a BIG HAIRCUT! Not by her choice of course. She had her cousin (Not my daughter, but another cousin) decide to chop into her hair. By the end of her unplanned haircut she had kind of a reverse mullet going on. Pretty tragic. So last night we had to chop off about eight inches of long beautiful hair to even it all out and layer it in the back to blend the work done with plastic scissors at home.

My pour sister-in-law was DEVASTATED about the whole ordeal. Understandably so, but I told her it was kind of a right-of-passage. Darn near every little girl goes through it. Beans chopped around the front of her hair and it wasn't so easy to hide. So with today's flash back I'd like to ask you to share your story of when your kids cut there own hair. Just to make the pain on my sister-in-law a little easier.

And for today's flashback you can go see when I made my beautiful niece a headband. So go check out the tutorial for an easy no-sew headband. And don't forget to share your own stories of when your little ones had unplanned haircuts in the comment section below or on facebook.


  1. Don't hate me but my daughter has never cut her own hair. I've never had scissors where my kids can get to them and she was often told over and over that we never cut our own hair. I guess I just got lucky and she was actually obedient on that one.

  2. I'm not much help. This is the only haircutting issue that I have had with the girlies.

  3. My daughter got a haircut from her older (17 months) brother one day.
    I was frustrated because had it been a regular school day, it wouldn't have happened - but he had a day off...
    He cut right into her bangs and left them terribly, horribly short and he also cut a bit of hair on that same side.
    I was mortified and took my daughter to a salon to get it taken care of right away, but there was NOTHING they could do to save her hair...

  4. It's funny that I came across this because I literally took my daughter to the hairdresser yesterday morning to get her hair fixed after she cut it.
    She had that cute little kid hair that curls on the ends.
    She has this big chunk of hair that parts to the side so it is always falling in her eyes. Well she cut it off and the cut the side of her hair as well. Now she has a thick fringe bang and short hair cut.
    It kinda makes me want to cry.

  5. Jacki Seaver
    My daughter hasn't done this yet, however she has been warned very sternly against it. When I was a little girl, not only did I do this once, but a total of three times. One time in particular my hair was so short that the only choice for a "fix" was a pixie cut. My poor mother! I hope and pray that this never happens with my own daughter, yet some how I know in the back of my mind that it will. So thank you to all those fabulous hairdressers who have to deal with the frantic mothers!

  6. My oldest daughter was only 2 and her hair was finally long enough to get one pony on top and two little ones on the back. Her hair was thin, fine and very blonde but I was so excited it was finally long enough to do something with. One night she came in to the kitchen and her pony tails were all gone. Seems her brother and his friend wanted to cut "just a little bit" of her hair off. I had to buzz it on a number 4. I bawled my eyes out. But her hair came in thicker and faster. It was a blessing in disguise.

  7. Belle got frustrated with some sort of accessory that she couldn't get out of her hair (I can't remember what it was), so instead of coming and asking for help, she cut it out. Luckily it was only a small lock in a place that was easy to disquise. She was about 5. When my son was 3, he smuggled some scissors and gave himself a haircut. A bit off the top. His super light blonde didn't make it show up much, and he is ready for a new haircut every 3 or 4 weeks anyway. I've heard lots of other stories from my friends.

  8. Hey! I'm not a mother, but I do remember my big brother cutting my hair when I was younger. And, of course, I cut my own hair. One day I got tired of having long hair, so I put it in a ponytail and cut it off with kitchen scissors... Let's just say, I looked like a muffin until my hair finally grew down to my shoulders about.

  9. *kcoulb@gmail.com is my email, sorry, forgot to attach

  10. Okay, I realize I am really late on this... but Alex cut her hair last week!!! She finally has it back down to the middle of her back after her brother cut it twice the year before last. I think that thought has just always stuck in her head. So the other day her hair was down and she was cutting out little pictures and her hair was just right there! She cut a good chunk out of the back. We are going to have to lose about 4 inches, maybe more. I doubt she'll be doing this agian though... she was very upset when she realized what she had done!


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