Criss-Cross (Ideas for Short Hair #8)

This is another one for short hair. HOWEVER--- for this one you'd have to have a bob style haircut with long (to no) layers near the face in order to have them able to pull back like this. If you have short hair around the face I don't think this will pull off as the same look, but worth trying. This of course would work just fine with long hair.

Step one would be to pull the hair back tight using bobby-pins. Pull back just the top sections from just above the temple area.

Step two is to start taking hair from one side and crossing it over to the other side securing with a bobby pin. Try and make sure it anchors on to one of the original bobby pints you put in when you did step one. This will help it to not fall out later.

On some of the cross over sections I twisted the hair and on others I just pulled them straight over and slicked them over. You could do them all twisted, all smooth, combination (like I did) you have a lot of options.

We put some Kenra Curl Glaze Mousse to the hair that that we left down and activated the texture. Its not overly curly, but its just a fun little bounce. I could have diffused it and got a little more out of it, but we were running a little late today.

This is a fast easy hair do that looks great. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Very cute. Reminds me of one we did a while back as a fancy way to hide bobby pins. I'd love to see it diffused w/the curls.


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