The ALFAPARF Stylist

This week in my advanced hair class we are doing updo's. I was going through some of my older stuff and trying to think up something new to try. I remembered being at the Peerless show last Spring and taking pictures of this GREAT hair do that the Alfaparf gentleman did. He was seriously so talented and fun to watch. I spent so much of my time watching him cut and style hair. He was one of my favorites. I am a little disappointing that I didn't share this hair do before, because it is beautiful. I would love to recreate this hair do, but the hair I currently am working with isn't long enough, so I guess I will just have to share the original. And if you want a tutorial you will have to go talk to one of the bloggers that has long hair to work with. If you recreate this make sure and share it on our Facebook page. I still haven't decided on how I want to do my updo--- Any suggestions?

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