Ideas For Short Hair---#7

Prettying up ponytails! When hair is too short to pull back into a ponytail you often will make three or five ponytails to make a hair do work. Try to always work with odd numbers, it just looks better. But this simple tutorial is just a way to pretty up those ponytails.
Start with your ponytails. We did three for this tutorial.
Take out a little piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover up the elastic. Now with your topsy tail (you can get these at Kmart, Walmart, Target... really any big box store usually has these.) and you put it through the ponytail. Even through the elastic for added support. Out the tail end of that hair you wrapped inside and yank it through. It will secure nice and tight and you will be left with prettied up ponytails.
Taking a simple hairstyle into a finished looking style. This one is one of our favorites. Its got a great look to it don't you think?

I just finished up Midterms at school--- I can't believe I am half way done with this semester. But like every other test I immediately got sick right after finishing. I guess that is just how I work! Well I am off to rest and try getting better. Have a great rest of this week. How is everyone coming on Halloween costumes? We are half way done. I can't wait to share what we are working on.


  1. nice, and THANKS for the simple posts it makes the hair look nicely finished and looks cute!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog...I am loving all these hairstyles! My daughter is a girly-girl, however, I am not. These quick and easy tutorials are right up my alley. I CAN actually style my daughter's! I have gotten so many compliments on her hair since trying a few of these girly-dos. Thanks for all of your posts!!!

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