I Got my Hands Back in Some LONG Hair

Oh how I have missed long hair!!! Hoping Beans is ready to let hers grow out and hoping (also) that you have enjoyed our short hair do ideas for a while. Sorry I don't have a step by step on this hair do!!! I actually saw something similar on PINTREST, but I didn't pin it or bookmark it, so I can't link you to the actual "How to" I came across on that. I finished mine different then they did, and could have explained myself with there explanation, but I can't. Sorry!

This is basically two fishbone braids down both sides of the head. You then with a rat tail comb loosen some of the hair in the end before wrapping it nicely into this sophisticated bun. The ONLY thing I would have done different next time is to do a zig-zag part in the hair. I think that would have hid the part line and made it that much prettier.
It felt so good to get my hands in long hair again!!! And I just had to share this very pretty style with you all. Thanks to my friend K at school who let me style her hair (and for a rainy day giving us a lot of time). Who here LOVES LOVES LOVES Pintrest? I am a total fan. And thank you everyone who has pinned and shared our site. I actually found out about Pintrest when people kept saying they found me through it.... had no idea there was one place for so many brilliant ideas! LOVE IT! If you have the original pin or link to a style like this feel free to link it in the comment section--- I am never scared to give credit where I get ideas from. Thanks for the help. ♥ UPDATE ♥ ♥ Babes in Hairland found me the link for the original tutorial---- Click here to be redirected.


  1. Beautiful! I just wish I could figure how you did the bun...yes, pinterest is awesome, but can be so time consuming!

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