Halloween Post

The kids are having Halloween parties at school today, so they all got dressed up and festive. This year the kids took it easy on me. NOTHING LIKE LAST YEAR... or like 2 YEARS AGO. But this was very fun. My husband and I will be dressing up with them on the actual big day, maybe I will share some pictures, but for now I thought you might like seeing my little Harry Potter family. ***FOR HAIR*** To achieve Beans awesome BIG Delores Umbridge hair we did basically a Thermal style, kind of like older ladies do. We curled individual curls and clipped them up until I was ready to give it all the volume we needed. We used lots of Big Sexy What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle, and Soy Touchable from the Healthy Sexy Hair line. A little back combing with my Amped up teasing brush. Gave it that little curl in the front and had it done. We have been asked all morning if it is a wig--- THAT'S BIG HAIR ON A LITTLE LADY! Little Man J we used a Demi-permanent color on him it was a 6R (Clairol from Sally's) for those in the know. It was the right color with no violet. Everything else had that violet in it and I didn't see it pulling right, so we went with this one. I love it. He makes a great Ron Weasley.
And my oldest is a Dementor. We didn't need to do anything with his hair. I really REALLY wanted him to dress up as Mad-eye-moody, but we went with what he wanted, and it turned out great!

Girly Dos hopes you all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! Make sure and share your costumes with us on our Facebook page. We love seeing everyone all dressed up for the holiday.


  1. oh i love harry potter, and I thik the style on your daugther matched oerfectly

  2. Darling kiddies! I still think about your awesome guitar hero guy. Amazing. Love Delores' hair. ;)

  3. Super cute! Can't wait to see your costume as well! :)


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