My Good Red

This last week was finals for me, so I turned of the Girly Do's world and got busy on passing all my classes with flying colors! Which I think now that I have taken all my tests and done all my practicals... I did it! Another semester down another two full semesters to go. I am FINALLY on the count down end of my 2000 hours!!! YEAH!!!!

So instead of a flash back Friday I wanted to show my red that I did to my hair about two weeks ago. Its since faded and needs to be touched up, but when it is vibrant and fresh like in this picture it is BeaUtiFUl!!! I love it!

Also... CHOPPED Beans hair again--- even shorter than last time. Its stacked in the back and cute cute cute! She wanted it short for school. Can't wait to show you. I will post a new post the first of next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it Jenn!!!
    Can't wait to see pics of Beans but I'm afraid it will make me want to cut my daughter's hair again and we agreed to let it grow out for a while. :)
    Good job getting through finals!

  2. Cute cute! I'll have to start calling you Little Red Riding Hood! Glad finals are over & you've got a break now. So good chatting w/you today!


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