Ideas For Short Hair--- #3

We had a wedding this last weekend and Beans wanted an updo---- DANG NEAR IMPOSSIBLE with short hair. Best bet is to do something half up and half down. There are still plenty of options with short hair, you just have to think outside the box. And a lot of hair do's I've posted for long hair CAN be modified for short hair.
The hair do we went with was my old Heads Up Do. I modified it by leaving off the part for the head band. I just skipped right to the three ponytails and secured them to do a pretty little crown of curls on top of her head. I spiraled the back loosely just for extra body and bounce. It looked great all night long.
And she took one look in the mirror and was totally okay with it not all being in an updo--- she said, "OoooOOoo, I'm pretty!" LOL--- Its always nice to know a hair do is a winner in her book.

Just curious---- Do you all want to know about my favorite products or is that lame?


  1. I'd love to know your products especially for little ones.

  2. I would LOVE to know favourite products!!
    (and she is entirely too cute in that pic! Love it.)

  3. love to know your favorite products! I just cut my daughters hair to her shoulders and we are going to do #2. so cute.

  4. Products would be great! And your daughter is so adorable - I need to work on getting mine to let me play around a little more with her hair

  5. would love to know what products other people use!


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