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Those of you who have been following for the last two or three years with us (since the beginning...) Will remember a time that I lost my original blog... it was deleted because of my possibly being a robot (NOT). And then when I moved it all back over to this new blog after a few weeks my posts went crazy and I lost a bunch of my photo's to old posts. Yeah-- LAME!!!! Well a week ago my friend from Babes in Hairland needed one of my old posts so that she could like a do back to one of mine and sadly it was one of these posts that had disappeared. Well she gave me back that flame to go back through all my old files and try to clean up these missing photo posts. I was trying a while ago to re-shoot them, but then we cut Beans hair and it was hard to do with these longer hair styles, so I am just going to try and look through my old saved files and try to find them. I found this one and two others that need to be fixed this morning.

I started with this one because I remember how much I loved this concept and I think I may need to try a new do or two with this idea. I used a button to add to an elastic for this hair tutorial. The post was of course more about the button than anything, but man the possibilities of this idea are endless. So go check out this tutorial using these fun buttons.

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