Triangle Curls

ALL THINGS RIBBON gave us the MUM CHALLENGE. She sent myself along with Babes in Hairland and Hairstyles for Girls (See her use of this Mum Flower Bow here) some of her prettiest Mum Flowers and ask us to create a fun hair do with them. I HAD to post this today. I have another cute hair do I want to share, but I had to post this today because ALL THINGS RIBBON is giving 50% off through today for her birthday bash. You can check out her Facebook page for details. TODAY is the LAST DAY TO GET THAT DEAL though, so hurry over for that sweet deal.

Now for this hair do! I've wanted to share this "idea" since I went to The Peerless Hair Show several weeks ago. This is just a super cute new way to add a different texture to hair. This is ideal for kids, tweens and teens! And it looks super cute when you finish it off with the right accessory! You'll have to check out the video to get the scoop on this. Its basically using a piece of paper to create a more angular or triangular (as I like to say) curl.
I'd love to see your angular curls, so make sure and share what you are doing on our facebook page. And if you aren't subscribed to our Youtube channel yet make sure you click over there and follow us there too. Hope your summer is going great!


  1. SO cute! I love the little pop-ups in the video, and I will try not to burn myself when I try it out! Great job.

  2. I love that! Oh, and the mums from All Things Ribbon are the BEST hair flowers ever, and I've been buying hair accessories for my daughter for almost 8 years :)

  3. That's awesome Jenn. Would have never thought to try something like that w/paper. And of course, the flower is beautiful too. Thanks for letting us on to this cool technique!

  4. So cute! Just a thought that I had--could you roll the paper, and then smash it flat with your hands, so that the first one was as easy as the others? You're so talented, cutie!

  5. my mom used to do these "ringlet" curls in my hair all the time, i did have wavy hair then though(now very curly) but she used her finger another way to do them is a pencil --


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