Flash Back Friday

With the Fourth Of July just around the corner (WHERE IS THIS SUMMER GOING so fast?) I thought we would have a look back on this fun hair do--- A STAR!!! To see the tutorial go check out this link. Hope you are all having a super summer. We started a reading incentive program that has the kids reading up a storm. What do you push during the summer? Fun, reading, sleeping in? What is most important to you?


  1. Very pretty style. I have a hard time trying to convince my daughter to let me do much of anything to her hair during the summer- she has the idea that her hair doesnt need to be done during the summer!

  2. I wouldn't say I "push" it - but there is a lot of reading going on at our house right now. But I think it's just cuz the girls found certain books that they are totally loving right now & don't want to put them down! We're also loving the sleeping in part!


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