Flash Back Friday

This week has been a total WASH for me. Yesterday I went to school SHOCKED that it was already Thursday!!! For those who don't follow us on Facebook, I got stung by a bee last Saturday and my once mild allergy took a fatal turn for the worse. So I have spent this week in Medicine-head mode! I can't believe what a shock a bee sting can be on a persons body. Well I thought I would update real quickly today that I am doing well. I still have the shakes and a load of nerves about going outside again and I think I need to purchase a plastic bubble for outdoor activities this summer... okay maybe not. But I am VERY happy to be alive still and I am VERY happy for the power of adrenaline. LOL--- its not a great story! (I panicked and drove myself to the hospital with my throat swelling quickly! Bad move.)

So anyway-- here is this weeks Flash Back Friday. Today is the last day of school for my kids and I expect to stay away from the bee's and get some new hair do's posted. Hope you all celebrate the end of another great school year by shouting hooray!!!! See you next week.

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  1. I do hope you are okay now.. Stay away from bees.. LOL!

    More hugs,
    Notcahty @ Micro Touch Max


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