Twisted into Messy Buns

Yesterday I finished up with my last test for the semester. I am thrilled to have a break. I have been overloaded the last few weeks and I have been aching to post something new on Girly Do's. I also got all my grades posted by last night and I am still sitting on my 4.0 GPA!!! THRILLED!!! Its a good day. This morning I slept in for the first time in MONTHS and went for a walk this morning. I got home and priority number one was to get one of these posts up for you guys. It feels good to be on break. Even if it is only a short two week break until my next semester. SO--- I've missed you all so much! HOW YOU DOIN'?
For today's hair tutorial it really is simple, but with Beans short hair I wanted to show you some hair do's with short hair. BEFORE it grows long again. Which her hair grows so fast I know we will have it long again real soon. Already it seems to be a lot longer than when I cut it. I'm jealous of her mad growth skills.
For this do, I am just going to do three twists on top to pull into messy buns. This is a great one for almost any bob cut. When you are working with the hair in the fringe/bang area you are working with the longest hair in a bob hair cut. The only haircut I don't see this working on is a pixie cut. Obviously you aren't able to do many hairstyles like this with a pixie cut. Doing the hair in three sections will make you feel like you have more hair to pull of making a messy bun rather than trying to use the whole front bang/fringe area pulled into one--- we split it into three. Work beautifully.

When you are working with the sections just use clips to keep the hair out of your working area. This can also help you to keep your parting lines crisp. Any braid will work and you can do smaller sections and smaller more cornrow type braids. Doing more ponytails in the last step if you want.
I wanted to just work with three twist braid sections. Who is still having problems with the two-strand twist braid? Anyone?
Now for the bun. I am going to show the step by step on this, but there is a video at this older post. First part of this messy bun is to divide each pony tail in half. You will make your loops even by using your fingers to establish the bun-bump.
Pinch that together and pull your fingers out of the way.
Now gather the messy hair left down around the sides all over to the side opposite of your hand. You start using your elastic around the loops you already have established for your bun...
On the last twist around of the elastic FOLD IN those messy hairs you gathered together in the previous step. This will make your messy bun. Do that same process on each ponytail from each braid until you have your three messy buns.
Set your loops and twists how ever you want and keep it messy. This is not a clean smooth style. It is supposed to be a little messy.
And there you have it! Working with short hair the biggest thing you need to realize is that top section, the fringe area to the apex (top of the head, highest point) is going to be your work area for anything other than just left down hair. That is your longest sections of hair, but can you do cute hair do's with short hair? You better believe you can!

I know some people have asked about how I cut Beans hair so that it would curl under a little more naturally... I am a little nervous about doing a video on that because you really need to have your hairdresser assess the hair and decide if your daughter has the right kind of hair to pull off razor cutting it like I did to Beans. I'd hate to have someone botch there daughters hair trying to get that curling under technique. If the hair is too fine and you try razor cutting it to curl under it can come out looking stringy and that is NEVER a good look. I am a little scared to show anything to do with actual cutting of the hair--- know what I mean? There are just a ton of factors that go into a "good" haircut. What are your thought?


  1. Congrats on your GPA! I lost my 4.0 last semester to the demon known as Organic Chemistry. Killed me! At least I got a "C" so I won't have to retake it.

    I admit, I'm one of the ones that have yet to figure out the 2 strand braid. :( Everytime I see it on one of the posts I sub in a french braid. It seems my brain isn't smart enough to tell my fingers what to do. I guess it's time to try again cause my diva was looking at the picture and proclaimed it to be "booteaful"

    As for the haircutting, wow. Personally I would never try to cut her hair on my own. She's 3 1/2 and never had her hair cut, aside from one time she got ahold of scissors and took out a small chunk behind ear. Thankfully it was pulled up and she only cut about 3 inches off the end. Anyway, as long as you tell folks to proceed with caution you should be fine.

    geez, i must need to get out more, I wrote a book! Sorry!


  2. First off love this hair do. My dd just donated her hair on Friday so she now has a cute bob, this will be great! Second, learning to cut hair from a blog I feel would be cheating and scary. I think the only hair cutting technique that would be permissible and worth while on a blog is trimming bangs techniques:) That's just my thoughts.

  3. I don't have the budget to pay to have my girlie's (I have 3!!) hair cut anywhere. I do it on my own at home. I would love any tutorials on how to do it "right!"

    If somebody tries to cut their kid's hair and messes it up, it's not your fault!

  4. I still struggle with the twist as well, but my youngest is growing out her bangs too, so it doesn't work well so I sub in the braids.

    I agree with the others, skip the hair cutting techniques. It's tricky on some hair types to get it right and even. My hairdresser charges $15 for both girls so I feel like I'm getting a good deal when I go every three months. Alas, my youngest wants bangs that will be ending.

  5. Of course you got a 4.0! You're just a brain! Congrats. Like I chatted w/you about - these twists are tricky for me too. I love that you have it all clean & neat w/the twists, but add a bit of messy with the buns in back. It looks very cute.

    And I totally understand why you're hesitant to post hair cutting tut's... There's reasons you go to school, huh?! :) Not just anyone can cut hair & do a fabulous job if you are doing more than a blunt cut. Thanks for this cute one. Love it.

    P.S. No pictures skimming here! wink wink!

  6. I would LOVE to see some hair cutting tutorials. I've been so tempted to trim my daughter's hair, it would be great to have some tips. Fortunately for me my daughter's hair is long enough that if I really mess it up I can take her to a professional to get it fixed up!

  7. Congrats on the awesome GPA!! Enjoy your short break from school. I hope you can post more beautiful styles :)

    As for sharing hair cutting techniques, I think so long as you include information about what type of hair would do well with the techniques and which would not, its not your fault if someone does something unfortunate to their daughters hair. Generally if people are doing at home haircuts they are willing to do some experimenting and possibly make a few mistakes. But I can absolutely understand your hesitation. I think you just have to go with your gut on this!

  8. I am also terrible at those twist french braids, it's SO frustrating! I can do all other kinds of braids, even 5 and 7-strand braids, why, oh WHY can't I master this one? It never looks right, it never looks neat and smooth, like yours, which are perfect. I LOVE this hairstyle on Beans, and my daughter just saw it and wanted it! I told her I could do it on her hair (I will probably just do dutch braids instead).

    In regards to cutting hair, I think it's okay if you show a video if you just do a disclaimer and let them know what hair type that technique would work for. I would personally not cut my daughter's hair, because I am chicken, but some people are braver and have a steadier hand than I! Congrats on your great semester at school!

  9. Suuuper cute! I want to try the twists on myself...

  10. I think some good suggestion on how to do simple hair cutting is great. There are so many people struggling that an extra $10 - $20 on a hair cut can be a lot. I would not get into anything fancy but just some simple technique to help people out. And I think anyone trying to cut their own child's hair understands the risk involved. What would be great is also things that show different types of hair and what works good on them, even if you are not saying this is how you do this or that but to give people ideas.

  11. I love this hairstyles its cute and fun and looks pretty easy to do

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  13. I love this is so cute! And congrats btw :)

  14. I don't know how to do twist braids only french braids only french. I looked online for tutorials on how to do "twist braids" but I only found how to do other types of braids. Too bad this looks really cute and my daughter wanted me to do this on her.


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