Flash Back Friday

First the dirty work... not really dirty, but important. And hair related news. The other day I saw this report on TV and then heard it talked about on the radio the next morning. Odd, have you ever heard of little girls that faint while having there hair dried? Well I guess it is pretty common. And in girls my Beans age!!! So of course I thought this was important enough to share, so if you are interested in this condition you can check it out at this link. It has to do with blood flow and oxygen intake... it REALLY could happen to anyone.

So for today's flashback Friday I am taking you back to pigtail bows. (Tutorial found at this link.) I love making hair into bows. It is just one of my favorite styles. Crazy enough this was inspired by Lady Gaga. Who knew.Some other good hair styles using the bows in the hair can be found at this link for combining the bow with the ribbon braid, At this link for a finishing touch on a double braid or at this link where we originally posted the Lady Gaga look alike hair do. Enjoy using the bow and remember to share your bows on our Facebook Fan page. I look forward to seeing your work.


  1. I fainted also when my hair was being done as a child! Never knew there was a name for it! Love this bow hairdo!

  2. This hair bow hairdo is adorable! I only wish my daughter's hair was long enough to try it! Kris-My Best Friend's Hair


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