Flash Back Friday

RAG CURLS!!! I remember hearing about rag curling in high school. I talked my mom into trying it out and the first time I ever had her do them in my hair it was a kinky mess, but we tried again and things got better. Now that I have my own daughter to experiment on I kind of feel like we have things perfected. I love rag curls. I don't do them very often, but I still love them just the same. For the photo tutorial on these click on the photo or this link. And for my video help click here. Thank you again for your great feed back on my last post. Hope you have a great weekend. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mommy's out there.

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  1. I did rag curls just 2 weeks ago on my 8 year old daughter. They turned out adorable, and she liked them enough to ask to to them again. I have curly hair and I have 3 kids. My one girl has strait hair and my boys the cutest curly angel hair you have ever seen. God got his giggles on that one.

    The rag curls were certainly a memeory out of my past which all girls HAVE to experience.


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