Winner of the MINI

So so so SO so SORRY about yesterday. I don't know that I was sick as much as just really run down! But I am back and I have a spring in my step again and life is looking GOOD! So now I can announce the winner of the MINI curling iron. Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner is:Gabi--- and I will email her since her comment was her email address and I won't be posting that here for everyone too see. Congratulations!!! I hope you love it.

And here is the picture of Beans new summer ready cute bob. I razor cut it underneath so that it will curl under on its own. That curve is just how I did the cut, no irons necessary. She is into doing her own hair and this one works great for a gal wanting to do her own hair. This was of course cut by yours truly.
Pretty little lady!!!


  1. I love your blog! I hope you post more contests :) Check out my blog at thanks

  2. Cute! My daughter's hair is close to this length but I would like it to curl under.....can you explain how you razor it so it curls under please?

  3. Such a darling haircut! I just cut my daughter's hair in a Pixie cut. It turned out really cute, but I miss the length and ability to do most hairstyles on it. You were smart to leave more length to it and prevent styling damage by cutting it to naturally curl under.

  4. I don't know if you got my email. This is Gabi, My address is Box 1085 Magrath, AB Canada T0K 1J0 I emailed you back twice I'm not sure if you got it.


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