Detangler/ALL TIME Favorite Product

This is a video I did a long time ago that I just needed to get uploaded. (She still has long hair in this video.) I have a few more like this on some of my favorite products that I will hopefully be getting posted for you very soon. In this video I mentioned the "Generic" brand that I was just giving a try.... I hate it. It is nothing like who they say they are "compared" to. I have also tried there root lifting product that is supposed to be like Redken Guts, and I just don't think it even compares. So my thoughts is that even though it is more affordable, they haven't been successful in duplicating the quality of the real product. So, I don't suggest there product to get the best results.

So what you are going to see is me using some of the product with silicone to help detangle her hair first thing in the morning. I honestly don't know how we got along so well for so long. I love Biosilk. And with summer coming up this is a great product to have around. It can help protect you hair from the harmful damage of the sun. So look into it, google it and decide if it is for you.


  1. I am going to have to try this!!!

  2. NEEDED THIS! My secondborn screams like someone is trying to decapitate her when I brush her hair. That kid junk doesn't work (forgot what it is called; it's the spray kind in the funky colored bottle). Thanks!

  3. I already have Biosilk and never even thought of using it on my girlie's tangled hair. Gonna have to try this. Thanks!

  4. Hi,
    I’m 13 and I really like your website:) Could you please tell me how you blow dry your daughters’ hair, because it always looks so straight and shiny and I have problems drying mine


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