Not what I pictured....

This was something I was trying, but failed at what I wanted it too look like, but was not UNHAPPY with how it came out. I think I may fail painfully with my explanation though and I apologize if it is not clear.
Start with a ponytail.
Section out a part from the top and to keep it separate from the rest of the ponytail just use another elastic to keep it out of the way.
Now you are going to be a little awkward, but do a waterfall braid leaving the hair flowing towards the face. I had to use a clip to keep the falling part of the braids out of my way.
Once you are to one side you will continue braiding really loosely and braid in those fallen braids into a little funky top on top of that ponytail.
At this point I was just free-styling with this hair do, but I was happy with the outcome. Even though it was very different than I had pictured it. I swept the bottom of the ponytail up and under securing with bobby pins.
And this was what happened. I love this look. Its very fun.
Just a look at the top. What do you think? Did my accident work out okay?


  1. That's really cute. Some if my mistakes turn out to be my best dos. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these blogs. My daughter and I appreciate it. :)

  2. Chocolate chip cookies were a mistake and this one is almost just as good:)

  3. Love it! :D I wonder if I could do something similar on myself...?!

  4. looks a lot like the ponytail/braid I saw on a dancer last night on DWTS...

  5. I really like it! I think it looks cool and funky! Even if you left the rest of the ponytail loose it would still cool good either way....

  6. I love it! Sometimes the mistakes turn out to be the best.

  7. Great mistake! I will try this one out soon, thanks for sharing

  8. Love it! looks so classy :)
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