A little Added UMPH!!

Sometimes in the morning I have all of five minutes to do something with Beans hair. This is one of those quick hair do's I (personally) love so much. I like to think I can send my little gal to school in more than just a ponytail. However I do those simply sometimes too. But here is a added touch to make it more than ordinary.
I decided to do this as a low side pony tail and I did some twists leading into the pony tail to start. I had a twist on her left side coming across over her ear.
And the twist on her right side goes right across the back part of the ponytail.
Now take a section out of the ponytail and put an elastic in about three-quarters of the way down.
Twist it a few times to give a little flare and texture then secure the elastic to the ponytail with another elastic.
This gives a little something at the top of the ponytail and makes it more fun. There was a beautiful bun posted by a reader on our Facebook Page. Adding flare to the top of a ponytail really is a good thing. And this one can be done so fast. So use it next time you are in a rush.

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  1. Cute and simple :) Beans is so adorable she looks cute with any style lol.



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