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One of the biggest things I am ever asked is HOW DO YOU GET HER TO HOLD STILL LONG ENOUGH TO TRY ALL THESE HAIR DO'S? And I will tell you what I have done. These are just tricks that work for me.

*I made a busy box when she was like three that we only get out when it was hair time. The rule was she had to sit still and let me play with her hair while she played with the box.

*Deal making. Beans likes to play with my hair and that will sometimes work for me. I say she can play with mine after I get to play with hers.

*When I am cutting a little persons hair (at school) I always give them my water bottle and let them drench my mirror. They hold really still when you are letting them be a little destructive at the same time. Cleaning up the mess afterwords is not a big deal if I can get them to hold still for a bit.

*Do hair in a place where they can be watching there favorite movie while you practice.

*Offer to take pictures of it and make a big deal about there hair when they let you do a fun style. Believe it or not attention is attention and I don't know any kid that doesn't love attention. Give it to 'em.

Whatever works for you is great, but make sure and keep hair styling time a POSITIVE experience. If you are pulling out hair and causing tears just to get a cute style it just isn't worth it. Go for the at least brushed look until your little one is ready for a fun/fancy style. What advice or tips do you guys have. I am sure there are much more than just the few I have suggested here. These are just the ones I have done before. Please comment below with what works for you.


  1. I get this same question all the time. I have a 4.5 and 2.5 daughters and I do both their hair really cute almost everyday. And giving them something to do like a cartoon or toy does the trick for me. My 2.5 year old loves to get her hair don't after I do her older sister, so its lots of fun and really cute!!! :)

    Krysti (

  2. I do my Princess's hair while she's looking in the bathroom mirror, she loves to make silly faces in the mirror. I also let her play with my phone, or iPad, another thing she loves to do is "paint" with the comb & container of elastics. She'll also build things out of bobby pins. I've been doing her hair since the day she was born, so she's used to it & LOVES having it done. On the days she doesn't want to stand around, we'll do an "easy" do, but ALWAYS "done" & cute! :)

    She also LOVES looking at the blogs & getting ideas, she'll pick something out & then ask me to do that. It also helps that she takes a shower every single morning, gets dressed, then gets her hair done... it's routine. (Oh, she's 4).

  3. When I did hair professionally, I found that some books, especially Dr. Seuss was amazing! The pictures are so great, and they really entertain the child. Plus it helps if you know what is going on in a book, or can talk to them about a favorite movie, or character. They tend to forget what they were doing or how they were freaking out and pay attention, and hold still.
    Of course, the water bottle trick was always there for when I failed. :)

  4. I have done my DD's hair since birth as well, but she isn't so much a great fan of it. The easiest time to do it is while she is playing in the bath, after she is clean and detangled. I usually do the hard work then (parts, sections, etc.) and leave the details for the morning. Im "allowed" to do one style a day and try to give her the choice from a few styles. That way she controls it....some!lol

  5. I have been doing my daughter's hair since she had some hair, and she still isn't liking it in this phase. She is 3, btw. She doesn't want anything other than sticking a bow in it when we're going out. Sucks! I hope it's just a phase.

    Thanks for these ideas, though. I'll give them a try!

  6. My daughter is 6 and I have been doing her hair for years. There are still fights and tears some days, but I have found that teaching my daughter a song while we are doing her hair helps and it is fun bonding time too.

  7. What about food?!?!?! When my DD7 was younger I would strap her into her booster seat with a tray of cheerios, goldfish, etc. and she loved it. Now that she's older she's just used to spending a little extra time getting ready.


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