Flash Back Friday

Yesterday was HILARIOUS!!!! I decided to not be a poor-sport about the whole St. Patrick's Day thing and it ended up pretty funny. There was a note left by one of my kids traps that said a "trick" was left in the refrigerator. Well there was candy in the fridge, Rollo's. Anyways after the kids dove in and started enjoying there treat it dawned on them that the letter had said "trick" and the cogs and gears in there head started turning. Next thing I knew I had panicked kids investigating the fridge again for a trick and checking there legs. I couldn't figure out WHAT TRICK they thought was going to be on their legs... I finally asked what they were doing and my oldest son explained that there was a trick that was left. He had narrowed it down to something being wrong with the candy. Last year the leprechaun that visited our house left our dog green (hair color spray) so they were pretty sure the candy was going to turn them green. He found a green colored bruise on his leg and observed that he didn't see it there in the morning. They were turning green!!! Or so they thought. Later at dinner time we poured our milk and discovered our milk had been died green. They finally decided that was the trick and that they were safe from an inevitable green bodied fate that they were sure of earlier. It was awesome! I guess St. Patricks day can be kind of fun.

So today for Flash Back Friday I went to a simple on that I know is loved. It is another favorite here at Girly Do's. Piggy Bows, if you have not tried them yet I hope you will give them a try some time soon.

Tutorial can be found here.


  1. We did a ponytail version of this for Dr. Suess' birthday because it reminds me of the bow ties in his drawings. Put a link to your instructions on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! I love this one.

  2. I love this one! I just wish my daughters hair was long enough to do it this way :(

  3. He he he! I love the trick. St. P is my FAVORITE holiday, and our milk gets turned green every year as a matter of course. :)
    I love that idea, Kelly! I'll have to remember this one for next year.
    Jenn, you're the greatest. Love ya!



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