Bun Toppers

This is another good one that someone posted on our Facebook page that I just wanted to share. They did this fun bun just on top of a ponytail, but we decided to piggy-tail this style. Its really easy to figure out, but we shot a few step by step instructions just in case.
First (though) I found these new fashion shaped hair elastics that are to die for!!! They are just like the little bracelets that all the kids are wearing around, but thicker and made for hair. They have YET to disappoint me. I don't remember the brand or what company makes them, but we did get them for Kmart. Next time I am there I will try and look for them again, but I absolutely love them.
Okay, here we go. Start with Pig tails. High or low, it doesn't matter.
Take out a little piece of hair. Make sure it is like an 1/8 of the hair section, so you have more in the piggy-tail than used in the bun.
Braid it, twist it, whatever. You will get a different looking bun with every braid you try. We went with a twist.
Wrap it neatly on top and use bobby pins to hide the end piece of hair and to form it into your bun.
Repeat on the other side and you have fun bun toppers for your pigtails. Aren't they great? We love it around here. Thank you for sharing your idea's on Facebook. We love seeing what you are doing.


  1. Cute! I have done that before but with a ponytail instead.


  2. Very cute!! I just started following your blog and I am in love with all your great ideas!



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