Twists Back

This is more of the same idea as yesterday. Keep watching these are going to be used in a more interesting hairstyle in my next post. I am just trying to show a few really easy ways to use a simple idea and have a nice hair do. All to often I see little girls that look like they haven't had their hair brushed. MY OWN BEANS has sported that look. So I know the importance of packing away a few idea's that are quick and easy. So that is what I am trying to supply.

If you plan on using this one keep in mind that both twist need to be twisted down (or up...). Either way you do it they just need to be in the same direction. If you want this same hair do it is twisting clockwise on the left and counter clock wise on the right side. This is great to lead into a ponytail. It adds that extra flare to a ponytail that I adore.

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