Simple Twist

This is one of those really easy and out the door hair styles that is good for anyone and everyone. Its a no-brainer. But I have been playing with twist hair styles and including twists into simple quick hair do's, so for today we will start with the simple twist. Good for kids, moms, teen and tweens. This is a great QUICK hairstyle for every age. And I am a firm believer that your hair should look like you put SOME amount of time into it every day. Even if it is only a few seconds before you head out the door.

1 comment:

  1. That's actually one of the main styles I've been doing on my 2 yr old to keep her hair out of her eyes! It looks pretty too! The only diff is I use a small elastic to hold the hair over instead of the claw clip because she always pulls it out! :)


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