Twists into Pigs

The holidays are over and it is time to get to work! My intentions with this hair do was for those working with shorter hair, but I am realizing how quickly Beans hair grows, and we are almost out of short hair and back to long hair again. Just the same though-- you get the idea of this hair do.To start you will need to part out the front part of the hair and divide the back into pigtails. See what I mean by hers is already getting long?
Next you will be making smaller sections and securing them with rubber bands. Start with a pony tail centered on top. When you split that one it will be divided into both pigtails.
Now with each sections (except for the ones on each end side) you will divide them in half and twist them one direction then twist them together the other direction. While you work on each twist section you will need to secure the prior section with clips or elastics until you have all your twists complete. You will them secure them into the pigtail with an elastic.
Like so....
Just a little flare to a simple pig tail-- GREAT for short hair... and long too.

Merry Christmas

Since school had me occupied.... and my husband was out of town for the entire month as I struggled by... I am JUST starting my Christmas shopping. So I have new tutorials that I need to post, but I need to make a priority of getting my Christmas pulled together. So Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you are far more prepared than I am by this time.


Making Waves

I know everyone has different ways of making hair wavy or curly, this is just another idea for creating waves. One of my friends at school did her hair this way and I just thought it was great! These waves are great for little girls, tweens, teens and mom's, so pay attention. Just kidding. Can you believe these waves were done with a flat iron? Well believe it.
Watch this video too see how you can make waves with your flat iron. Its really easy and looks great. Check out how well my new (new to me) camera does. I think we might have a winner!

Tis the Season

Hello!!! I know I have been less than diligent lately with posting. I am nearing the end of ANOTHER semester, my husband has been sent to a very difficult job that makes my going to school at all a real challenge. Some nights my kids are at the sitter until after 10 making us getting to our own home close to 11 at night. With school the next morning it is enough to make all of us cranky. So... I kind of feel like one of those overly aggressive single mothers I admire so much. Taking on the world and showing it who's boss. I may be busy right now, but I am happy with life. Just some days I am very tired.

So let me get through five more days of class Finger Waves as my final, a little Christmas shopping and a few doctor appointments that need to be set up, then I will be back full steam again. Until then I went through some of my old goodies and have just a few Christmas friendly hair do's. You can click on the pictures to be taken right to the original post. See you in a few days.
OoOOo--- PS--- We were able to have everyone who purchased something in the Handmade Auction for Ash pay with no real complications. We received a few more donations and earned a total of $625 for Ash and her family!!! On Monday last week she got her port out (She had surgery) and is now in remission and I would just love if everyone could keep her in our prayers that the caner does not come back this time. Also her poor mom ended up in the hospital this week. I think as mom's we tend to have our bodies break down a little after a big ordeal like Ash's cancer. She ended up with a surgery of her own, but I hear she is doing well.



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