Short Hair Braids & Piggies

As you know... We cut Beans hair and she is now part of the short hair group of beautiful girls in the world. I am hoping to get SEVERAL good hairstyles compiled to show you different things that can be done with short hair. Some of these may have already been on different hair blogs and they may be "no brainers" to some people, but for those who are looking for something to do with their shorter hair.... we have a few idea's.
For this hair do start with a very diagonal part. I tried to get the tip of the nose in this shot so you can get an idea of how exaggerated I want your part to be.
We are still growing out bangs also, so we love this hair do for keeping those pest bangs out of the way. From here you want to do two braids parallel to the part on the left hand side.
You will then do three braids perpendicular to the part on the right hand side. We did a two strand braid, just for variety.
Then because we are working with such short hair we pull it into pig tails since a pony tail is not an option. We loved this hair do. It held up great all day and was darling. So this is a great option for dressing up pig tails for shorter hair.

Winning Bids Are....

I can never thank you guys enough for all the help you have offered up too Ash and her family. I know that every little bit helps, so thank you to everyone who bid on the items and those who donated different items. Thank you to those who donated this last week through PayPal. (Button for donations is on my side bar.) On behalf of Ash, her family and myself, THANK YOU!!!!

Going once... going twice.... SOLD!!!! And the winners are.

Item #1 the Crochet Beanie---- Dawn ($25)

Item #2 Camouflage Mountain Dew Bow Set---- Shilo ($10.50)

Item #3 Beaded Silver Hoop Dangle Earrings----No winner

Item #4 Lola Necklace---- Nick, Ashley, Reagan & Ike ($6.00)

Item #5 Chandelier Earrings----No winner

Item #6 Holiday Hair bow collection---- Sarah ($25.00)

Item #7 Earrings and Matching Necklace----No winner

Item #8 Star Ornaments (Set of 12)---- Dawn ($20.00)

Item #9 Tee or Bodysuit with orange plaid tie---- Jenn ($12.00)

Item #10 Santa Bow---- Eight Little Monkeys ($5.50)

Item #11 ABC’s 123’s Rosette Headband----Angie Oliver ($7.00)

Item #12 Two Christmas Clips----Carmen ($6.00)

Item #13 Denim Flower Clip---- Mendeezmail ($8.25)

Item #14 Girls leg/arm warmers---- Shilo ($13.50)

Item #15 Boys leg/arm warmers---- Cristeen ($5.00)

Item #16 Ribbon Blossom Hair Clip (Set of 3)---- Lanae Hale ($25.00)

Item #17 Hand painted shoes----Shaelynn ($45.00)

Item #18 Snow “Believe” jar----Gill Family ($10.00)

Item #19 Snow “joy” jar---- No winner

Item #20 Lime Green Mountain Dew Bow---- Sarah ($15.00)

Item #21 Dress up jewelry---- Lindsay ($9.00)

Item #22 Chic Polar Bear Beanie---- Picture this Photography by Dawn ($28.00)

Item #23 Rosette headband---- Shannon ($12.00)

Item #24 Hairstyle book---- Lanae Hale ($35.00)

Item #25 12 rectangle chalk it up labels---- Melissa ($6.50)

Item #26 Custom scrapbook pages---- No winner

Item #27 Handmade Peony Headband---- The Fullmer Times & Seasons ($14.00)

Item #28 Baby Discovers Hands---- No winner

Item #29 Cow Over Moon---- Sarah ($20.00)

Item #30 Sea Creatures Dinner---- Cinenerd's Reel Voice ($9.00)

Payments can be made too my PayPal account to the email girlydos(at) Please make sure and include your item number (or numbers for those that won multiple items) and the address where items can be shipped. If you included your email address I will do my best to send out invoices, but this is new too me too, so thank you (in advance) for your patience. If all goes well (with payments and having no conflicts) we will have raised $372.25 from the auctioned items. Had donations through the side bar donation button of $140, totaling... $512.25 THAT IS GREAT!!!! Thank you a million times over.

Thanks again too everyone who donated items; Shaelynn, Nohea Creations, Shawn, Sherie, Rock n' Rags, Jill, Sand to Pearls, All Things Ribbon, Adopt a' Do, Babes in Hairland, Chic Bebe, The Story of a Princess and her Hair, Impressions in Vinyl, Remembered Moments, Ruffles and Fringe, & Kat. You were all so eager to help out. Thank you for your generous hearts.

Items from the Handmade Auction Ash---- ENDED

Item #1
My friend Shaelynn at school has a talent for crocheting. She should open an Etsy store, but hasn't. She makes beautiful bags, hats and stuffed animal toys. She made this Beanie that is adult size. It is an off white color.

Item #2
This is another one I made for this auction. Measures just bigger than 3" and is a set of two bows. It is on a two prong alligator clip.

Item #3
These Hoop/Dangle earrings are sassy in nature. To me they represent a woman who likes being a girl (with the big pink accent bead. It takes guts to where a big dangle especially hoop earring, it's like saying, "Look at me" " I am worth it!" Every woman needs a pair of earrings in her jewelry collection that make her feel like she can take on anything handed her way.
They measure two inches in length (not including the ear wires) and are about 2 and 1/2 inches at their widest point.

Donated from Nohea Creations.

Item #4
This necklace is simple yet bold on your neck. It is made of shell beads in an off white almost mother of pearl color and small chip glass beads in a pearl finish, also features two bi-cone Swarvoski crystals for just a hint of sparkle. This necklace could be easily packed away in a suitcase for that Island getaway this summer!

- Necklace measures about 19 inches long and the shells in total measure about 4 inches across.

- Toggle clasp.

Donated by Nohea Creations
Item #5
These Chandelier Earrings are hand crafted and are a very unique design. They feature Bi-cone cut Swarvoski crystals in a turquoise shade with shiny deep purple pearl like glass beads to compliment. Accented with Gold toned post back earring findings and a little bit of gold colored chain. These earrings are sure to add a beautiful sparkle to your Fall and Winter wardrobe.
The earrings measure approximately 2 1/4 inches in length and the widest part is just about 1 inch. Donated by Nohea Creations.
Item #6
Set of two turkey hair clips, Set of two Christmas tree hair clips and a set of two New Years corker celebration bows. All are made from 3/8 grosgrain ribbon. They are attached to a lined alligator clip and ribbon edges have been sealed to prevent fraying. Donation from Shawn who is just building their bow web store.
Item #7
This jewelry set is made from pink and green Swarvoski Crystals and glass flower beads and pink glass seed beads. Earrings measure 1 3/4 inches long. Necklace measures 17 inches in length.

This was donated from Sarah at Nohea Creations.

Item #8
These star ornaments are made out of wire. Set of twelve; six that are red, silver and gold and six that are silver and gold. My friend Sherie from school put these together for us. Each star is about three inches in size.
Item #9
This donation comes from Jenn at Rock n' Rags. The winning bidder can choose from a Tee or a bodysuit in the size they need. White short sleeved shirt with a plaid orange tie on the front.
Item #10
This hair pretty was made by Jill. One of our very kind friends here at Girly Do's. This is made with printed ribbon reading "From: SANTA" and a sparkly red ribbon. The alligator clip is lined with coordinating ribbon. Measures approximately 3 inches.
Item #11
This is another hair pretty made by Jill. The rosette is made from fabric that has ABC's and 123's on it. The headband is covered in the same fabric.
Item #12
These hair pretties were made by Jill. She's one of our friends here at Girly Do's. They are lined single prong alligator clips. One with a mitten and one with a poinsettia embellishment.
Item #13
This hair pretty was made by Jill. One of our friends here at Girly Do's. This one is a denim flower clip made from up-cycled jeans. It is on a denim lined clip. Measures approximately 3 1/2 inches.

Item #14
Black with varying shades of gray hearts. Three rows of ruffles on the bottom are super adorable. Perfect for cloth diapers, making changing a breeze. Length is 14". Fits full legs on babies and toddlers. Above the knees on small girls and knee lengths on bigger girls.

Donated by: Sand to Pearls

Item #15
Orange, gray and white diamonds with black skulls. Perfect for cloth diaper wearers, making diaper changing a breeze. Cool for older boys to wear on their arms under a tee to make them long sleeves. Length is 13 inches long. Raw edges have been finished with serger.

Donated by: Sand to Pearl

Item #16
Stunning new Ribbon Blossom Bunch. All the Blossoms are attached to a lined alligator clip. This adorable hair clip is perfect attached to a headband or add it to your favorite up do! Measures approx 2 1/2 inches across.

Donated by All Things Ribbon

Item #17
Mindy from Adopt a 'Do has many talents. A few months back she made these hand painted shoes for her girls. She has offered to make a pair for the highest bidder in this auction. Highest bidder will get to choose size, color and the design.

Retail Value: Unknown
Item #18
My friend Sherie from school made this beautiful decoration to donate. This jar has the words "Believe" written on one side of a snow filled jar and it has beautiful red and gold light bulbs sitting one top of the snow. This is a fun little reminder of the upcoming holiday and we just all need to believe!

Item #19
My friend Sherrie from school made this beautiful decoration to donate. This jar has the words "Joy" written on the sides of a snow filled jar that has beautiful red bells sitting on top of the snow. It is certain to add a bit of holiday cheer to any room in your home!
Item #20
This matching bow set was made by me. Good luck ever finding another like them. These Mountain Dew pins were being given out at the Dew Tour this last summer. The art work was done specifically for this event, so I don't think these will be easy to find again. I held on to them just for this purpose. I wanted something unique and this is just that. This is for a matching set of two Dew bows. They are about 2.5 inches in diameter.Item #21
The little ladies Goose, Bug and Bee from Babes in Hairland wanted to help out Ash by making some fancy dress up jewelry. These are stretchy and colorful. Includes two beaded necklaces (that glow in the dark), one beaded ring and eight bracelets.

Item #22
Way too cute and sweet, this hat will be adorable for your little one's first trip home or their first photo shoot. Either way --everyone will stop you to tell you how cute they look!!! You can custom order the hat in a number of ways. You can have any color of ribbon or you can take the ribbon out and have it flipped up. You can also custom order this hat so there is no flip up on it.

The oh so very chic part about this is you decide!! :) Have fun and happy creating.

Donated by:
Etsy Shop:
Find us on Facebook

Thank you Natasha McCarthy for the photo.

Item #23
Jen from All Things Ribbon donated this beautiful Hot Pink and Orient Fabric Rosette Headband. It features three fabric rosettes attached to the side of a fabric wrapped headband.

Item #24
This Auction is for the Hairstyle Book Kori from The Story of a Princess her Hair. It has sixteen of her most popular hairstyles featured in it and a $20 Walmart gift card to go get some new hair accessories (or whatever you want).Item #25
This is for a set of twelve rectangle "Chalk It Up" labels. Check out some fun ways to use these cute & versatile labels here:

Item #26
The four scrapbook pages will be made to the winning bidders liking. The details will be discussed with the winning bidder as to color schemes, theme, embellishments, etc. Examples can be viewed at
**Julie has a lot of pre-Christmas orders in the works and will try to get yours done before Christmas, but there is no guarantee on these being finished up before Christmas.

Item #27
The most gorgeous shade of melon fabric turned into a handmade peony. This headband is just lovely and feminine and goes with anything. The flower measures 4 inches across and is securely attached to a black taffeta wrapped headband. Item #28
Artist Kat, from Kat's Murals and Arts and Kat's Creepy Art has donated this pastel "Baby discovers Hands" this is done on paper. Measuring approximately 12x16. Such a beautiful piece of art.
Item #29
Artist Kat, from Kat's Murals and Arts and Kat's Creepy Art has donated this "Cow Over Moon" acrylic painting done on paper. It measures approximately 14x14

Item #30
Artist Kat, from Kat's Murals and Arts and Kat's Creepy Art has donated this 11x17 print called "Sea Creatures Dinner"

Handmade Auction for Ash

I can't even tell you how thankful I am for the immediate response to my cry for help for my friend and his sweet family. So many people donated there beautiful talents to help raise some money. THANK YOU!!!

Before the auction begins tomorrow morning. (I think the first post publishes at 2:30 in the morning.) I just wanted to cover some of the rules. I have listed a starting point for the bidding price of each item, you can bid that to start and increase by however much you want by leaving a comment with a higher auction bidding price. Highest bid on November 20th will win the item. I will then contact the winner about payment. Which I would like to have payments made in a timely manner, like within the next week. Payments will be made through Paypal. I will contact the item donation creator and they will send you the item that you won once payment is received. For items that are customizable (and there are a few) I will then put you in contact with the artist/creator of the item.

Unfortunately, because of some harassing comments I will have to not allow an anonymous commenter to bid on these items. Making a google account is easy and quick though, so if you want to bid I hope this doesn't stop you. I will remove blog author review feature and try to have all posts on the same page tomorrow.

Please keep in mind that we are here to help out Ash and her family with medical expenses and to give generously and to play the game nice. If you don't see anything you might want to bid on, but would still like to help Ash and her family lighten their financial burden you can donate any amount through this button.

Thank you again. See you tomorrow.

Handmade Auction for Ash (Update)

THANK YOU so much to all those who have already emailed me their auction donations. I am still taking anything you are willing to donate between now up until Monday the 15th of November. There are some seriously cute things that have been donated. You guys are going to totally love bidding on these beautiful items.

It was suggested that I make a button that you can share. (THANK YOU--- great idea.)Please feel free to share this button and let people know what we are trying to accomplish. I just really appreciate all the help you guys are to Ash and her family. I think we are going to have great success.


Beans Came to School with Me

Beans came to school with me last night and we cut off six inches of hair. She's been wanting to grow it out for Locks of Love, but her hair just doesn't get to that magical length needed to donate. Some people just don't have hair that grows long enough I guess. It needed to be cleaned up and she has been waiting to go short for the longest time. It was just time to give her the short hair she has been dreaming of. Its very pretty and very fun. We love it anyways. And I loved taking my princess to school with me--- IT WAS FUN!

Love this hair do

This one was NOT done by me, but it is very pretty and I wanted to share. I wish I knew who did it so I could give them credit, but I don't. I just think a lot of people could really pull this off. We may try it one of these days... If you try it post it on FB so I can see what you create. Have a great week. I am currently in Hair Doing Limbo... just a little creative rut. If ya know what I mean--- that loosely translates too: I have things going on in my personal life that are slowing me down and getting in the way of being creative. This too shall pass though. See ya when it does.

Handmade Auction for Ash

like you to meet Ash. Youngest of three children in her family. This is my best friend Rory and his wife Jody's baby girl. She just turned five this year. Back when she was three years old they found cancer growing in one of her kidneys. They removed the whole kidney and did chemo for several months. While in remission they found it had returned and had to start chemotherapy again along with a year of radiation to try and cleans her body of the disease. She is now nearing the end of round two of curing this disease.

You may remember the first time I mentioned this family was 8.26.2009 when I donated my hair to locks of love. It has been a long tiring process for their family and you can imagine the financial obligation they have accrued. So I would like to help out a little. And I am asking for your support in helping them.

Here's my idea. I am hosting a HANDMADE AUCTION!!! All Proceeds will be given to Rory and Jody to help with medical bills and treatment. Send me an email at girlydos(at) with the following information and "Auction" as the subject.

Title of item you are donating
Short description of the item (optional)
Photo of the item
Retail Value
Web address or link to Etsy Store where you sell your item.
(If you don't have a store, but would like to help in the cause we are just thankful for anything you would like to donate. You don't have to have a store or website to get involved.)
This is good for if people don't win that they can know where to purchase the item for them self. The holidays are coming, so show us w
hat you have by donating to this GREAT cause.
***You will be responsible for postage to send the item to the highest bidder, and they will contact you with their address when the auction ends.

Dates: Emails must be received by Monday, November 15th. That is almost two weeks to create your item or items.
Auction will begin Thursday, November 18th and it will end Saturday, November 20th at Midnight (Mountain Time).

Thank you to all who choose to participate! Get started on your handmade goodies and (definitely) check back to bid on these items on November 18th. I know Ash and her family appreciate your help. I can't imagine watching a loved one go through this, so I hope we can help lighten there burden a little.

Happy Halloween--- (Not a hair post)

Its no mystery or no secret that I ♥ Halloween. It is easily my favorite holiday. I tell the kids that whatever they can come up with we will create. And we do pretty good at making it happen. Last year my son gave me the challenge of being Lou from Guitar Hero and got a lot of attention. He decided to really push the envelop this year with his costume of being in a cage.... while being carried by a skeleton guy. Beans went easy on me this year with being a cheerleader. Her only must have "demand" was that she gets to be an all PINK cheerleader. So she was 100% pink, just like she likes. Little man went easy on me too this year. We finally got to reuse one of our past costumes! I was thrilled when he wanted to be the puppy my oldest was when he was little man's age. So he was my little puppy!

How did we end up doing Beans hair? We used option number one for the day of her parade with a higher pony tail like you all suggested. Thank you for your help with that. Then on the actual day of Halloween we tried the heart braid thing, but it wasn't as high as I would have liked, still cute though.This was how it looked when we were doing the parade at school. I am still looking forward to the day she wants to be something scary... but cute is nice too.
This is my oldest pretending to be scared while in his cage. His costume was a HUGE hit everywhere we went. It was a very fun costume... Fun too make too. He and I spent hours in the garage pulling this together. It was a lot of fun.
My cheerleader. Who loved her pom-poms so much that she refused to take them outside even for a picture. LOL.
My poochie! He is so funny. Good luck ever getting a serious look from this kid. He's a goofball.
And the whole family. My honey and I didn't dress up. One of these years I tell ya! One of these years! I did dress up as a punk for the party at my school. That was fun. I hope you all had a great Halloween and sorry to say its only fifty something days until Christmas--- yikes!



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