Updo With A LOT of Movement

I love this updo, Beans... didn't. And everyone is totally entitled to there own opinion. So we did this hair do and had to change it right away because Beans didn't love the extra movement we incorporated at the start. To start you do your normal side part wherever you normally part the hair. Comb the wider of the two sections (in our case the left side) forward. Comb it almost straight forward. This is to make a very sharp curve. This is just for some fun movement in the finished look. I think you almost need a certain facial shape to pull it off. Beans didn't love the finished look.
Now you are going to need to hold at the one end and start combing the hair back so that it curves in a beautiful "C" shape pattern.
Now twist that hair under.
And curve upward to cover up that parting line that was created when you made your "C" shape.
Use a bobby pin to secure that into place.
Now comb the tail of that and the right section forward facing to make a "C"shape on this side. I think what Beans disliked was how it all went in that direction. Which--- to be fair... doesn't look very good, but I really feel like it works for this hair do that we pulled together. In my opinion.
Make your "C" shape and twist it under like we did on the other side.
Do the same thing in securing the twist into the hair style.
Now you have this last piece of hair to use.
For a minute you can just flip it out of the way and do the bun part, but we did this part first. I wish I would have waited until the last part to do this and use this to blend the style better, but I didn't and it worked out okay anyways.
I twisted the hair and ran it parallel to the other twist.
And curved it around to this little curly Q shape. Securing with bobby pins as I styled it.
Next you are going to make your bun. I worked this with three twisted sections. First section I took form the right hand side and twisted it and secured it to the left side with some hanging down for now. I will use that on my next level of twists.
This is twist two. Notice the hair that is hanging down.
Twist number three and all the hair that is down for me to twist into the next part of the bun.
Take some more and twist it again and do this with three sections of hair. You repeat as many times as you need too in order too make this look like a twisted bun.
Hide and tuck under your ends and sit that curly Q shape on top of your bun to incorporate the two designs.
This is how it flows into the bun with that "C" shape up front. I loved it, but like I said... Beans didn't.
ALSO---- I was at a craft show this last weekend and found this very pretty flower. I have never seen one like this before, so I had to pick one up. I just love everything about this cute little bow/flower. I took a card and you can get one from this Etsy Shop called YourLittleQT's. She doesn't have any on there right now because everything was at the craft show, but email her and let her know you are interested.
Here's a top shot of this pretty bun.
We even tried it with the flower up front and that didn't sell her on it either, she just didn't love this hair do one little bit. But she loves her new flower.

If you try this hair do out you are going to have to tell me what you think of it. Can't wait to hear from you.

A Reminder...

After recent events... I think it is a good reminder to step back from hair and remind everyone that the Internet really isn't an amazingly safe place to play. You really need to be careful about information you divulge and share. We've all been told these things before, but I thought a list of these things again with a few of my own observations (as an ammeture photographer) would be helpful. And any you would like to share are always appreciated.

  • Never offer any personal information including your last name, contact information, home address, phone numbers, school's name, e-mail address, last names of friends or relatives, instant messaging names, age, or birth date.
  • Never post provocative pictures of yourself or anyone else, and be sure any images you provide do not reveal any of the previously mentioned information. Always remember to look at the background of a picture too.
  • Assume what you publish on the Web is permanent. Anyone on the Internet can easily print out a blog or save it to a computer.
  • Use blogging provider sites with clearly stated terms of use, and make sure they can protect the actual blogs, not just the user accounts, with password protection. (Even so, it's better to assume anyone can see it.)
  • Avoid trying to "outdo" or compete with other bloggers.
  • Keep blogs positive and don't use them for slander or to attack others.
  • Be careful with what is SEEN in a photo. Develop an eye for detail and never give away your location by kids clothing having a school name int he photo, or having key landmarks that could be easily traced. Obviously that doesn't apply always, but if your home is near something that could be googled, don't supply that information. (this was mentioned earlier too, but I think this is very important.)
  • Retaliate/respond carefully to possible threats. Don't say anything that could antagonize someone who is cyber bullying or stocking. You don't know there mental state of mind, so be careful in how you react to certain threats.
(Some information taken form this website.)

Keep it safe out there guys and have a happy weekend!


10 Optional Ponytail Hair Do's

Beans is dressing up as a cheerleader this Halloween, so we are needing to decide on how to do her hair. Option number one is of course just pulling it back into pony-tail, but I like to think we could do so much more than just a boring pony-tail. These are 10 of our other options for more than just a regular pony tail.

Option number one:This is our ribbon braid down one side of the head. I could incorporate the colors of her cheerleader uniform into this. If I wanted to do the big bouncy curls that would be very pretty too. You can find the braid tutorial at this link.

Option 2:
I don't have a link to this pony tail, but it is just a knot in the front to control those forever growing out bangs we deal with at our house and a knot in the pony tail section. We use this hair style a lot around here. It is a very classic pony tail option. Very pretty.

Option 3:
Single twists into a pony tail. Talk about flare! This one is a lot of the extra energy any pony tail needs to really bounce. I love this option. You can find the link here to this tutorial.

Option 4:
I don't have a link for this one either. It is just braids that start in the front section and finish in the pony tail. It keeps the bang section out of our way and allows the pony tail to be nice and tight. Plus it gives it a little more of a style than just pulling it back.

Option 5:
This one's tutorial can be found here. This one can really have a lot of color too it too, so if that is the look you are going for this one is great for color being added into the style.

Option 6:
This is really pretty and I could add a really flashy bow in the right colors instead of a flower for Beans Cheerleader costume. I wouldn't have to use a flower if I didn't want too. This tutorial can be found here.

Option 7:
I just love the knot in the ponytail look. It is so simple and yet adds so much to this style. This tutorial is here.

Option 8:
The HIGH top ponytail. Go here for the how too. This one has a lot of bounce too it and it really high on top of the head. And don't get me started on that great Boston bow-- Love it!

Option 9:
The hour glass (tutorial here) is a great one too. Quick and easy and fabulous! You can't go wrong with a look like this.

Option 10:
The waterfall headband pulled into a ponytail. Of course its simple looking, but is is just beautiful. Tutorial is here.

This is just ten of the hundreds of options that are out there to make a ponytail more than just a pony tail. I am still not sure which one Beans will choose for her cheerleader costume, but I am just glad to know she has more options than just a simple ponytail-- we like flare around here. Its just more fun that way.

Double Heart Pony Braid-- By Angela

I love having featured artists! Okay... so this is really my fist time ever letting someone other than me post a hair do, but its a great one that just has to be shared. Angela posted a great hair do on Girly Do's Facebook page a few weeks back and was asked by others how to do this hair do. Well she agreed to put together a tutorial too share this double hearted pony tail.
This is Angela's daughter Erin last year at Halloween. Erin is very special to her mother. She just recently turned nine and has Aspergers. So, she is her mothers world! Every child is special, but to Angela she feels especially close to her little sweetheart.

They obviously have a close relationship and she likes to have her hair done. We see lots of pictures posted by Angela showing us Erin's beautiful style. Thank you Angela and Erin for taking a minute to teach us this beautiful hair do.
Step 1: Wet down hair and part down the middle.
Step 2: Mark out your first heart shape on the head.
Step 3: Use the shape of the first heart as a template for the further heart shapes, with the first part just behind the ear.
Step 4: Starting at the first section, take three strands and cris-cross them as to start a French braid. As you continue down, only take hair from the top section of the head, following the curve of your pattern. Continue all the way back. This is known as a half-braid.
Step 5: As you can see I'm only taking hair from the top of the braid, as I braid down the curve of the heart.
Step 6: Braid down as seen here.
Step 7: Continue the braid so that it is just behind the ear.
Step 8: Go to your next section and repeat the process.
Step 9: I have only done two, as it is that bit easier. If you wish three, part off the small heart at the back, and add an extra braid.
Step 10: On the left side use the hearts on the right side as a guide to mark out your sections.
Step 11: Continue to braid the left side. It should look something like this.
Step 12: Still only always taking hair from the top of the braid.
Step 13: Until you have four braids in this case, or six if you are feeling adventurous.
Step 14: At this point, you can leave the back hair down and tie off the braids placing a flower off the top.
As seen here.
This is the top view.
Or the first option, place into a ponytail and add desired accessories.
Tadaaa! Finished product - we are done.
next day hair <:)x Thank you again Angela and Erin! It really is a beautiful hair do and we are so thankful to have you share it with everyone. Please leave comments thanking Angela and Erin--- it really was nice of them to take the time to put this together for us.



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