Running Late Quick Do

Everyone should have one or two quick hair do's in there collection too pull out on days where you are running late. This is one of those hair do's.Start by pulling back some of the hair from the side sections. smooth out the hair that is hanging down and the sides that you have pulled back into one hand.
Secure them together in a VERY loose pony tail.
Twist it through several times. Its actually more like four times, not seven.
Make it twisted nice and tight.
From here you may need to smooth out some of the hair you have hanging down and the hair behind your pony tail.
Pull the remaining hair and the twist into one big low ponytail.
And run out the door... perfect for a last minute more than average cute hair do. We love this one around here. I hope you enjoy it too.

Growing Pains...

We are still trying to grow out those bangs. And they are at the worse possible length ever. One of these days I will take a picture of how long they are. They are at a horrible length for pony tails because they don't reach into it yet. They are at a bad length for braids because they don't reach the back and if I try to do a front braid they frizz out. Bangs are one of the cutest things, but growing them out is a joke.So to control those bangs for this hair do we are going to do three knots up front in the bang of the fringe area. just as a reminder you make a loose pony tail to start.
Then you send it through itself to make it look unique and not so ordinary.
Get your three knots done to secure those bangs out of the way.
Now throw a braid together on both sides.
And secure them in the back. This looks great and could be the finished look, but we went on.
And pulled a low pony tail right below the braids.
Braided another single braid on both sides and added it into the pony tail.
Then we pulled the hair that was left down into the pony tail also.
I threw in a big flower to finish this look off. We got a more than ordinary pony tail that also keeps the bangs from being a mess.
I love it! What do you think?

Worm Bun Piggy's

Last week was a real stinker-oo!!! I do not love bee stings. It took me a whole week to fully recover and an eye patch to get rid of the headaches. It was nuts. Well the day that I got stung by a bee before the bad stuff set it I did this tutorial. Kind of my distraction...LOL. So this is falling out of order of the ones I have shot, but I wanted to get this one posted. Start with piggy tails.
Then take out little pieces from the pony tail to twist tightly into a worm looking bun. I did one a year or two using this technique and the pictures have been some that have disappeared. I will redo the original post one of these days. I had planned on linking too it when I did this hair do, so I apologize if it is not 100% clear.
Twist the hair so much that it starts bunching and doubling over like this.
In the past I used bobby pins to place these hairs into the bun. I used elastics this time just too see if that would work. And it did. You just have to practice placing the elastics out of sight. And they have to be these clear small elastics. I don't see the big bands working well for this one.
Keep taking out hair and twisting it tight and placing it into the bun to where it looks good.
Repeat on the other side and poof--- you have some fun worm buns.
Its a cute style--- in my opinion.
Have a great week. I know I will.

Why Not a New Hair Do This Week, Jenn?

You may be wondering why I haven't posted this week--- I am wondering the same thing. I have several new hairstyles photographed. I just need to edit them and get them posted. Well THAT simple task is easier said than done. Sadly... I won't be posting a new hair do this week. On Monday I was working in the yard doing some gardening with the husband and checking on our bee's (We have a bee hive). A bee flew into my eye and I panicked and it ended up stinging me. This had been a worry with our hive because I am allergic to bee stings. Nothing like stopping breathing or anything (thank goodness) but allergic non-the-less. I spent Monday sleeping and hurting.

My first reaction to the bee sting of course was to take a picture--- I had the camera on me, so I ran and got tweezers to get the stinger out and had my husband take a picture and then yank that stinger out. If you look closely it looks like half the bee is still attached-- totally gross! When I went to bed Monday night I thought things were looking great. It looked normal and I wasn't in a ton of pain. I had loaded up on antihistamines during the day and I thought I had got off pretty easy. Not-so-much come morning... I woke up looking like this---->So pretty! By the time I got the kids off to school and headed to the hospital myself my whole left side of my face was drooping from the swelling. This picture looks good from how bad it really got. Shots and loaded up on prescriptions I came back home and rested. Went to school... came home early and had an allergic reaction to one of the medications they had prescribed me. REALLY--- that pretty much rocks!

So up until today this week has pretty much stunk because I have been doing the allergy thing to a bee sting. I still am having lovely side effects from one of the allergic reactions to having a horrible headache behind that left eye and I still see a little blurry, so looking at the computer for too long just doesn't sound fun. So forgive me for not posting a new hair do this week. I am off healing up. See you next week (hopefully) happily healed up!!!

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Water Fall Braid-- Headband

**UPDATE** We made a video, check it out at this link.** 
I just wanted to show one last way to use the waterfall braid when you need to do something with the left down hair to hold it tight. For this one we just did the braid across the top of the head like a head band and pulled it back into a pony tail.

From the front it really just looks like a head band.
But the way the hair moves through the braid is so cool like this. So do this one and enjoy it.
It will make it through the day better that the braid alone for Beans. That's why we have come up with these modifications, because it really is a pretty braid. We just needed to pull it tight to make it work. Hopefully this helps everyone, but especially those who have the same hair problems we have with this braid. Have a fabulous day!



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