Double Braid(ish) Look

**UPDATE** We made a video for Waterfall Braids, check it out at this link.** 
Yesterday we left off at this point. And I told you I was going to show you how I made this hair do (very) different. And hold up to our fine (type) hair. Anyone can use this. It doesn't have to be fine hair. I think the only thing it must be is long hair.
Starting from this point you are going to brush through the ends one last time to make sure you have all the top part smoothed through.
Now count each side for hair that is left down. Count each individual strand if one side has more you will just double up on your first weave through on that side. You want it to be balanced.
You are now going to weave in and out and secure in each strand to the finishing braid.
The weaving pattern should look like this. You can use an alligator clip to hold one side while you work on the other.
Weave the other and secure with an elastic while you continue weaving every piece until you have no more to weave.
Its going to look like this if you used rubber bands to hold all of them in place.
You now want to clip out the elastics. Every one but the bottom one. You can use my way of using a seem ripper to remove them, that is what we did.

And right now it isn't all that pretty--- kind of... BLAH. If you can't wait throw a bow in and it will relax into the style.
Here it is with a bow covering the ugliness.
But if you can wait for about five minutes you will find that gravity takes over and the top part falls beautifully into the bottom part giving it a wide braided look that you can't help but love.
You can still finish it with a bow, but it really doesn't need one.
And it did hold up to all day of running and playing, which the waterfall braid alone doesn't do for us. We call this one a winner.

Water Fall Braids.

**UPDATE** We made a video, check it out at this link.**
I have no desire to make you think this is uniquely me--- LOL. But in order to move on to my hair do you need to learn this hair do. I first saw this kind of braid idea over at Story of a Princess, but Beans hair is to fine for her way of doing this braid. Her way is different than the way I saw it done at Adopt A Do Hairstyles. Mindy's is more the way I knew to do this kind of braid and how I have always done this. Both are great tutorials and the video's are far more helpful than my week tutorial, but ya get what ya get :D. And tomorrow I have a new do that you need to be able to do this one for. So check out my tutorial and when you are left clueless go watch the video by Mindy on this one--- LOL. Tomorrow you will get the add on for this one that I have.
The BIGGEST difference between mine and the others is that I am working with fine hair that tends to find its way out of this one. It is kind of loose and fine hair falls out easily. So I have to start by really securing the bangs. Especially while they are growing out. So I start with parting out the bang area for a real braid that is not part of the waterfall braid.
This is just a regular braid down the front bang section. Once I get down to the side and angle it back I will start leaving down strands of hair.
Start adding hair now angling the hair back towards the back of the head.
Add like normal on the top.
And when you are on the bottom you drop out the bottom strand and add a new strand that works into the braid as if the bottom strand didn't go anywhere.
You can either have your little one hold that down hair that was left out or you can use a clip to keep it separate from the other hair you are still working with.
Continue by adding like normal on the top and incorporating it into the braid.
Drop out the bottom and part in a new bottom piece. This would normally be what you add to that bottom strand, but it is the NEW piece in this hairstyle.
Continue using that pattern all the way to the middle back of the head and repeat on the other side. You won't have to do the bang section like before for the other side. just start from the waterfall braid.
You should have a finished look that looks something like this. See you tomorrow with my little twist on this hair do. Because the problem is... Beans hair usually comes loose with this braid and falls out in only a few hours. Unless I CAKE IT with hair spray-- then it doesn't look as loose as it is supposed too look, so that defeats the purpose. So... I've come up with a few different ways to hold it tight and make it last. So see you tomorrow.


Time is up!!!! Okay ladies--- still gonna surprise you with which one you get when you receive these in the mail, but the winners are, as follows:
Mrs. Skelton said... What fun!! :-) I would love to enter!
I'm about to have a baby girl in the next five weeks or so!
I love purple! So my first choice would be the purple one!
However I also really like the white one! Actually I really like them all! :-)
I would love to win one!
Shilo said... Woo Hoo!
I actually have a baby, so it's a contest that makes sense to enter!!!
I'd be happy with any of them.
Jessica said... I would love one, my baby girl is due in a week and a half.
I would love the star one or the polka dot. Really any of them.
Audrey said... Those headbands are so cute.
My baby is turning 1 tomorrow! I really hope I win one!

CONGRATULATIONS--- Please email me at where I can ship your head bands. I am excited to see these pictures, so don't forget that part of the deal. Of course I can already tell I will be waiting on at least two pictures (wink wink). Congratulations winners.

See you on Monday with a new style!!!

Giveaway--- I Wanna See...(TIME IS UP)

Yesterday I posted a headband I made for a baby on Facebook. Its like the one I made for Beans, but for a baby. HOWEVER--- I have no baby to put it on. And I really (REALLY) want too see how this looks on a baby. So this giveaway is more for me. If you enter this giveaway you have to be willing to share a picture with me of your baby wearing this band. That is the only rule--- You have to be willing to take a picture and send it to me by email or on Facebook, so I can see.

I am giving away four headbands (pictured at left). There is a purple one, a white one, polka dot and last is stars. One entry per person. I know this will be a small giveaway and I am happy with that. I am not a big fan of all the extra ways to enter "bonus entries". If you want to spread the word about this giveaway cool, if not I am fine with that too. I really am just wanting to see how this looks on a baby, so thanks for being willing to help me.

Leave your comments on this post to be entered in for one of four baby headbands. You can tell me which one you would want if you win. I can't promise that will be the one you get, but I'd like to know anyways. Giveaway will end and winners will be announced on August 28 in the morning. You can get in on this right up until I sit down and draw a winner. Thanks for entering.

Skip to my Lou

I'm all for simple when it comes to having quick hair do's for school. So when I saw this headband tutorial over at Skip to my Lou on Headband Refashioning I had to make one. Mine is made with a 3/4 inch ribbon, so mine is wider than hers, but still just so wonderful. Great to have around for quick days where you need to be out the door in a matter of minutes. I think every little girls collection should consist of a few good headbands. This one is great because it doesn't have any huge bows or flowers. Making it great for little girls, tweens and teens.
To keep the headband in place I used the double knot system. (Pictured above) You just place a front knot to keep it fro sliding forward and a back knot to keep it from slipping back. Center between the two knots where you want the headband to fall into place.

Place the headband and you will find that nothing moves. Go check out the headband tutorial and make one for your little girl today. Hope everyone has a great school year this year.

Two Strand Braid

Back when I did the braid test I did this two strand braid on day four. I didn't have the tutorial for this braid and several of you wanted this one. First let me just say sorry. I didn't realize I didn't have this one already on here. My bad---- will you forgive me?
I am making this into pig tails like I had on the day four photograph. You start with a small section and make two pieces to work with.
You will start by twisting INDIVIDUALLY both strands clock wise.
You then twist the two together in a counter clock-wise action. You then part up hair from both sides and add it into the hair that is on that side. No crossing over or changing positions just yet.
You twist INDIVIDUALLY again clockwise.
And cross them over counter clock-wise.
Add hair to both sides (we are repeating the steps now).
Give them a twist individually clockwise...
Then cross them over counter clock-wise.
Add more hair in on each side.
Then twist them clock-wise.
And twist the two together counter clock wise.
add hair to BOTH SIDES.
twist clock-wise each strand.
Cross over to combine counter clock-wise.
You continue on and on until you get to the end. when you are working on hair that you don't combine just twist it really tight so it doesn't loosen up too much. For the other side of the braid you do just the opposite so they have good symmetry. You twist individual hair strands counter clock wise and combine together in a counter clock wise action.
Looks good doesn't it.
We wanted a pony tail at the bottom this time just for a change, so we bunched at the top and let the rest of the hair out of those other elastics to make one pony tail in the back. Lovely.

Easy Way to Select a Hair Do

I've uploaded all our hair do's (minus a few I still need to fix that have lost photo's) to a Facebook photo album. It has been requested so many times before to have a simple way to look through all our hair do's from years ago without going through pictures one page at a time, so this was what we came up with. At the bottom of EVERY photo is a direct link to the tutorial. That should make looking through our past styles so much easier. To check it out just click on this link. Thanks for looking.

Free Haircut for a Donation

(I found and copied this from Babes in Hairland---Getting the word out for a good cause. Show up if you can help out.)
I got wind of this today, and since we're all about hair here it peeked my curiosity! If you have any members of your family that need a hair cut, & you live in the Salt Lake Valley or surrounding areas, listen up! Several hair stylists are coming together this Saturday, 8/14/10 to offer FREE haircuts in exchange for a donation. All proceeds will go towards helping a local family pay for their daughter's leukemia treatments.

Cuts for Cami
Location: Dancin' it up
445 North 700 West #109 North Salt Lake
(just off of Redwood behind subway, look for the red balloons)
Saturday, August 14, 2010
1-6 PM

This event is given to support a darling little 4 year-old Cami, who was recently diagnosed with Acute B Cell lymphoblastic Leukemia. She's kissing her hair goodbye for a while, and others are joining her (and having some fun while we're at it). Some of Utah's best stylists are coming together and donating their time for this great cause. Whether you’re coming to chop off some hair with us, grab a cookie at Cami's bake sale (sponsored by Paradise Bakery), or just dance and chat! Head over to Kisses for Cami's site HERE.

Even if you don't need a haircut - if you are in the area, I'm sure they'd love for you to stop by and if you've ever had anything from Paradise Bakery - it's worth the stop just to grab something from them because their stuff is mmmm yummy & you'll be helping out a fabulous cause!

You and your family are in our prayers cute little Cami.


Just to add a little flair to the underpart of a bun we pulled the hair back into a half pony with some hair left down for a little weaving action.
Clip the pony tail out of the way and start taking small sections. Cross back and forth over each other and secure on the opposite side with bobby pins.

You have kind of a loose fish-bone braid look underneath. It looks tight in this picture because I had her lean forward. It really is a little loose.
Last step you make your done. I think a well defined bun works best with this one. Messy will just take away from that extra work you did for that bottom flair.
Again- it looks looser in real life, but to get a picture she leans forward and it tightens up. We love this look though- very pretty.
Thanks for checking us out! Have a great day today.



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